I’m a little ray of sunshine with a SUNSHINE AWARD

Well would you look at that. I got an award. And not just any award but an award for being inspirational. How awesome is that?

I’ve been pretty shit at doing the award thing the last few months so if you are reading this and thinking “But you didn’t accept mine” please, don’t be offended. It’s a time thing and today, I happen to have it.

Here is my pretty trophy:

The award pic

Ta da!

It’s a gorgeous one that one.

To accept I must do the following:

1. Pass it on to 10 other inspiring bloggers

2. Tell you 11 facts about me, because you don’t know the ins and outs of my business already anyway

Here, my friends, are the FACTS.

1. Tomorrow I am doing my first ever Park Run and I am really excited. A park run is a formally organised 5k timed run. It is on every week and is free and now I’m registered I can go to any park run venue in Australia and hand over my special bar code and they will not only time my run but keep a record of all my times on their website. How cool is that? LOVE it.

2. Tonight is Monkey’s first every sleepover at Granny’s. It is because of this that I get to do the park run tomorrow morning. Even though he stays with his dad every weekend it is still weird having him stay at his Granny’s tonight. It’s not the same as him going to Daddy’s place. I know everything will be fine. She is a wonderful Granny and absolutely adores him. It’s just weird. Another milestone.

3. Speaking of milestones the new big one around here is that Monkey can put his elastic backed thongs (flip flops) on by himself. I’m so relieved. I was getting sick of the constant bending over or squatting down.

4. It’s only 8:46pm and I’m child free and wondering if it’s too early to go to bed.

5. I could not find my keys ANYWHERE the other day. I turned my house upside looking for them. I stuck my head in the stinky wheelie bin (but drew the line at going through it), I turned the toy box inside out (read emptied it on the floor), I pulled out the lounge cushions and moved the lounge itself all over the room, I checked behind the back fence and in all the bedrooms. No keys. I asked him where they were; he looked perplexed. He didn’t fool me. I knew he’d stashed them in a fit of attention seeking. I’m so mean to cook dinner and not play with him.

Then a couple of hours later I went out to do the laundry and there they were sitting on top of the washer. Whoops.

6. I’m loving this season of Revenge. Anyone else watch this?

7. Homeland is also rocking it although reading some reviews others seem to disagree.

8. Since I’ve been detoxing my fingernails are rock hard instead of brittle. Cool huh?

9. Tonight I desperately wanted naughty food. Chocolate, lollies, ice cream. I didn’t crack because I’m awesome.

10. I am reading the slowest book ever written in the world for Book Club this month. I’ve read better folks, I’ve read better.

11. I went through phases of learning piano, guitar, saxophone, tenor horn, clarinet, trumpet and probably something else I’ve forgotten when I was in primary. Clearly sticking to things was never my strong suit. I did piano and tenor horn for awhile though. I could play both with confidence for a few years there but I was young. Very young. I regret not sticking to the piano.

Now for the fun stuff. I get to tell you about 10 bloggers who inspire me. Please, go check out their pages if you don’t know them. They deserve a little look see.

1. My Year of Sweat

2. Winding Road (yes I know, already nominated by Kate but I COULDN’T HELP IT)

3. Ain’t No Mum Jeans

4. From 2 to 3 Kids

5. And three to go

6. Fit for 365

7. Mathair Fiona

8. Running to her dreams

9. The Girl Who Blogs

10. Fascinations of a Vanilla Housewife

PS I totally would have nominated Kate if she hadn’t nominated me so check out her page if you don’t know her.

PPS Bloggers, don’t feel you need to do an awards post if you don’t want to. Just take the glory. You deserve it.

Happy weekend!






42 thoughts on “I’m a little ray of sunshine with a SUNSHINE AWARD

  1. I took piano lessons too but I quit because I didn’t like the teacher, something I regret. My mom plays the piano beautifully and I remember sitting in the living room and just listen to her play. This is something that I wish I can do for my kids but nah, too old for that. I also tried guitar, then flute and drums. The only think I mastered is the Kulintang way back in college but it has been a long time so I think I’m pretty rusty.
    Congratulations Miss Sunshine! and thank you for including me in your list 🙂

  2. Thanks Rachel, it warms my heart that you couldn’t help nominating me 🙂 And I am with you on not sticking to things (except blogging of course. haha!). I LOVE this line,”I didn’t crack because I’m awesome.” lol! Yes you are!

  3. I related to so many of these! Sleepover at Granny’s, fingernails, not giving in on an elimination diet, and really related to not being able to find my keys and then having them be right where I put them! Good luck on the 5K! How exciting! That sounds like a neat system! And congratulations, Miss Sunshine! Shine and glow today!

  4. Congratulations and Danke! I, like you, have been TERRIBLE at getting awards accepted and such. I have a list that I started back in August when the baby was coming and all the medical none sense happened. I will add this and actually make an effort to get these done! Life is pretty normal now so I have no excuses. Love!!!

  5. Good luck with the 5k!

    And good luck finishing that book. I HAVE to finish a book once I’ve started it, no matter how terrible. It’s too bad that type of commitment doesn’t translate elsewhere in my life

  6. Well done and congratulations! And I understand about the award thing too. Sometimes, you just know it isn’t going to happen. Personally, I think it’s fine to just accept and do whatever you like with it … but thanks for sharing today anyway! Tess xx

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