Leibster Award

liebsterI am ashamed to say that of all the awards  I coveted this one the most. Why? I think because it was the first “blog award” that I ever saw when I started blogging regularly. Gasp, there are blog awards???? I wonder if I’ll ever get one of those. That one was awarded to the delightful Miss Fanny P who deserved it and then some (check out her blog if you don’t believe me). I ogled it and envied her and looked at how amazing and funny she was and wondered wistfully if that would ever be me.

Well rock on dudes and dudettes cause it IS ME! Yay! And not only have I been awarded this prestigious award BUT (and sit down for this) I’ve received it FIVE TIMES in the last couple of weeks. Whoah! I know, it’s amazing right. Are you still standing? Are you proud of me? Because I’m proud of me.

So get yourself a seat and settle in as this might take awhile. I have to answer questions from each of the awarders so sorry about that. It’s long winded. You can skip it if you want, don’t worry, I won’t be offended. I know you don’t read these anyway and just scan the list to see if I nominated you.


1. Thank the blogger who nominated you for the Liebster Award, and link back to his or her blog.

2. Answer the 11 questions that your nominator asks you.

3. Post 11 random facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 11 bloggers of your own, with under 200 followers, whom you think are as awesome as you.

5. Create 11 questions for your nominees.

6. And finally… Display the Liebster Award logo on your page.


So, first things first…thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who nominated me. I am thrilled to bits and pieces. Here they are in all their glory:

  •  Alicia Benton at Imperfectly Perfect. Her blog rocks. She always has sick pictures in her posts and an awesome quote at the beginning of each one.

Her questions are:

1. Favorite TV show? Friends is my all time favourite, I still get the laughs.

2. Why do you blog? I love writing. I write semi- professionally (ie get paid) and want to increase that so thought blogging might help reach that goal.

3. Pinterest: Brilliant or Nightmare? Brilliant but avoid it like the plague or I get sucked in.

4. Best place you’ve ever visited? Cambodia

5. How do you like your potatoes? Baked

6. Favorite chicken nugget dipping sauce? Hmmm sweet and sour I guess

7. Song with great lyrics, but a terrible beat? Head and shoulders, knees and toes. I always have to sing the end bit to get the rhyme. It’s not smooth people.

8. Do aliens exist? Who knows but probably and they are probably laughing their arses off at us.

9. Favorite holiday? South East Asia for most of 2008

10. Do you sleep wearing socks? Only if it’s really freaking cold (like last night was). Shove off winter.

11. Shower or bath? Bath but rarely have them. They require time and I don’t have much of that so shower it is.


1: If you were stuck on the elevator and could be stuck with one person of your choice, who would you choose? The Anthropologist Helen Fisher – she’s done some awesome research on why we love and cheat. You can check out her brilliant (and my fav ever) TED talk here.

2: If you were playing strip poker, which item of clothing would you remove first, when you lost your first round? Depends on the weather. If I had more than one layer on top then one of those.

3: If a coworker, that you work with daily, had a severe case of halitosis (bad breath), would you (A) tell them, but in a classy manner (B) secretly spike their coffee with a sprig of spearmint or (C) continue to breath the stale air daily and do nothing,at all? Suss out what toothpaste they use and suggest something else.

4: When is the last time you attempted a cartwheel, and why? I don’t even remember it was so long ago!!! (that’s a bit sad)

5: What do people compliment you on most? My hair. It is very thick and long and tends to do that bed head look quite naturally.

6: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Anywhere I haven’t been yet. Probably somewhere in South America.

7: If you had to spend a week in the jungle alone, and could only take two items, what would you take? A knife and a very thick book. Perhaps Atlas Shrugged. It needs a reread.

8: Would you rather live without your arms or your legs, and why? Oh god what a morbid question. I don’t think I can answer it. I had a spinal injury when I was younger so could very well have been living without use of my legs. To answer this question feels like tempting fate and I won’t do that.

9: If you were stuck in a prison cell for your whole life, and were allowed to paint it one color, of your own choice, what color would you choose? Something light. Potentiallly just white.

10: Would you rather take a bath or a shower? Bath

11: Would you rather have answered all of my previous 10 questions, or would you rather I had asked simple yes or no questions? Oh no I think it’s nice when the questions allow the writer to share something more about themselves. These were better than yes/no.


  • From the wonderful JayNine at J9sopinion. A fellow single mummy keepin’ it real. This one’s a friend and a keeper. Here are here tricky questions:

1.  Have you thought of an invention you wish you had shared, that someone else now has patented/created? Sadly, no. I’m simply no that creatie.

2.  Have you had sex with a “best-friend” from the opposite sex and it ruined your friendship? Yes. Sex with friends only ever leads to trouble.

3.  Would you do me a favor? Absolutely!

4.  Do you Pray? Not in the biblical sense but I do have a word with the universe from time to time in my own way.

5.  Have you been to New York City in USA?  I wish!

6.  Truth or Dare? Truth. So much more juicy.

7.  Have you ever called (or met with) a psychic? I’ve had readings (in person) on numerous occasions. I don’t think I’ve ever called one.

8.  What’s your secret to a Good Marriage? Ummmm never been married so I guess don’t get married? lol

9.  Which Celebrity do you dream of being intimate with? I’m one of those weirdos that doesn’t fantasise about famous people however Brad Pitt is pretty damn hot isn’t he. Ooooo or this guy, Patrick from Offspring (an Aussie drama).

patrick 2

10.  What was the best gift you were ever given? (from any holiday) My dad bought me back a Mickey Mouse watch from Singapore when I was little. Damn I can still remember how excited I was to get that thing; the moment I first laid eyes on it. Micky was so cool and I was cool because I could read a proper watch. With Mickey Mouse on it. Woo!

11.  Where are you in 5 years? Earning an income from my own business working from home. Something that largely involves writing. It’s enough to be comfortable and support me and any kids 100%. Oh and there’s a hot many that’s I’m totally mad about who is mad about me hanging around too. Maybe he looks like Patrick from Offspring? Maybe it is Patrick from Offspring???


  • Next up is from the lovely Vanessa over at Pink Butterflies. She has a lovely blog where she tells some stories about her life as a SAHM and also gives some awesome event styling tips. Check it out!

1. What is your favourite movie and why? I’m not good with favourites as they always change. I did really enjoy American Beauty when it came out and it has stuck with me for some reason.

2. What is your reason for blogging? I love to write and I hope to do more with it some day.

3. Where is one place you would rather be right now? Nowhere. I love where I live and I love who I’m sharing my life with. I’d like it to be warmer though.

4. If you were having your last meal (ever) what would you be eating?  Something that involved melted cheese I’m afraid.

5. Winter or Summer?  SUMMER FOREVER

6. What’s your best blogging advice? Schedule your posts!!! That way you can write when you want and spread the publishing. No one likes an inbox filler (someone who publishes 10 consecutive posts at a time because that’s when they wrote them). Schedule people. Schedule.

7. You can only pack 5 things – what would they be? Kindle, underwear, mobile phone (that also has music on it), toothbrush, lot of money to buy all the things I wasn’t allowed to pack.

8. Do you have a favourite quote? What is it? I have lots of fav quotes and I change my email signature all of the time. One of my all time favs though is If you don’t change direction you will end up where you are going – Lao Tzu

9. What’s the one chore you really hate doing? Washing up

10. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? I said South America for the last question like this but to be honest it is a toss up between there and Africa to see the Silverback Gorillas.

11. Your next big thing? I’m still on the current big thing!


  • Last but not least is my nomination from Fried, Scrambled, Fertilised. A touching blog following one woman’s journey with fertility after forty. I’ve got everything crossed for this lady!!! Go check out her story!

She didn’t do questions so you are off the hook. Did I just hear a Phew? Better not have. BUT I do need to give you 11 random facts of my own so here they are:

1. I love Paris. One of my favourite cities in the world.

2. I even like the French people. I don’t think they are rude. More that they don’t suffer fools gladly and well, who can blame them? Neither do I.

3. I didn’t bond with my child immediately. It wasn’t one of those hearts and flowers moments but a gradual thing (blog coming on that one).

4. Despite that we got there in our own time and I think my kid is the best one in the whole wide world.

5. I fucking hate winter and I’m over it already.

6. I broke my back in a car accident when I was 14 years old (yeah there’s a blog post in that one too I guess).

7. Yes I can still walk after the above event. LUCKY doesn’t even begin to cover it. I don’t even get pain.

8. I was also hit by a car when I was 5. Came out of that one with a broken toe and scratches and bruises. More lucky.

9. Aside from that I have also fractured my wrist and cracked my elbow. That’s it for broken bones.

10. I cry at the dentist Every. Single. Time.

11. I have a weakness for anything with pastry.


Finally here are the 11 blogs with under 200 followers upon whom I am bestowing this award:

Naptime Thoughts

So many right ways

How to ruin a toddlers day

Geek ergo sum


Momma Needs Coffee


How Not To Kill Your Parents

Adventures of a Detroit Family

A Fortunate Artist

The Do Gooder Mama


Ok so wonderful award winners, do with this what you will. If you don’t do awards then that’s fine, don’t do it. Just keep on writing as I am enjoying your blog and now I’m sending other people there to enjoy it too! No pressure of course. At your leisure.

If you DO take on the award then here are my 11 questions:

1. Winter or summer?

2. What is your specialty meal? The one you cook to impress.

3. Do you clean your teeth twice per day AND floss?

4. Have you ever tried meditation?

5. What do you read to keep your brain active?

6. What is your favourite book of all time?

7. If you could be stuck in a lift with someone who would it be?

8. Favourite new song released this year?

9. Best ever holiday?

10. The gift you enjoyed giving the most.

11. Do you tell your kids about Santa Claus (or will you if you don’t yet have kids)?


Okey dokey…are you still with me? If you are then bless you. You deserve a big sloppy smooch. I’m barely still with me and I’m typing the damn thing. This has taken me HOURS I tell you, HOURS.

Rock on peeps. I’ll be back with more posting business again tomorrow.


32 thoughts on “Leibster Award

  1. LOL… you did some serious work! Now that you’ve finished this day long process, why don’t you take time to ice your fingers and arms:)… Nice work!

  2. Holy hell! That must have taken you a year to write up!
    And thank you very much for the nomination! Like you, when I first started this blog and saw that there were awards, the Liebster stood out to me as a crowning achievement. EFF YEAH! I GOT ONE! HAHA
    I am at work now, but will definitely accept and pay it forward. 🙂
    Thanks so much!

  3. Thank you so much! After I get through this stack of essays, I will happily share the love. 😀

  4. Wow that is quite the post!! Thanks so much for the nomination! I definitely will accept and repost, in a few hours when the kids nap and I can type with two hands instead of one 😉 Thanks!

  5. Oh woohoo! You got FIVE!! And really you deserve it, I love reading your posts, you really got the having-a-Convo-with-a-funny-mate style GOING ON. And you are great at the community support bit, which is as we know one of the fab things about blogging.
    And thank you to the moon and back for nominating me. I’m considering cracking a bottle of cava. THANKYOU!!!
    AND I’m going to lick this linking issue on my nominations…give it another proper sesh to get on top of it (no kids nipping at my toes as they usually are, full concentration required!)
    Well done again, you’re doing it gal! Congrats!

    • Oh wow that’s awesome as that’s the style I’m trying to achieve! Thanks so much for that feedback. Yay! Good luck with those dang links chick. And you’re doing great too! Thank you 🙂

  6. LOL OMG! It took me hours just to do those two awards that I received- and they didn’t even have 11 things each! LOL This was fun to read…. 🙂

    Fried, Scrambled, Fetilized

    • Thank you! I’m glad you stumbled across my blog too as it means that I’ve now found yours! I love that high chair organizer idea! You have a new follower in me 🙂 Glad you enjoyed my blog and thanks for stopping by!

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