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blogI don’t know about you but I am waaaaaaay behind on my blog reading this week. I don’t know if everyone posted more or I read less but at last count there are about 100 emails in my inbox with blog posts I am yet to read from this week. So if I normally read and comment on your posts and you haven’t seen me, well now you know why!

But I’m here and I’m trying (I’ve been playing read blogs and FAST all morning) and I’m here to get the tips people. Your tips.

I currently follow 216 WordPress blogs and then at least 10 others that are on other platforms. I just get emails for these, they don’t appear in my reader. So that’s more emails in the inbox. I am at a loss as to how to keep up with it all. I don’t want to ignore blogs! Many of these people are my followers and take the time to read all of my posts (or that’s what it feels like! You guys are awesome) so I like to return the favour, not to mention that I don’t want to miss something really great!

I signed up wtih Bloglovin’ at one point as I thought that would make it easier but it so doesn’t. Same shit, different platform.

I’ve considered changing my settings so all the emails come through as daily updates. I will then read things in my reader as a priority and if I’m caught up on those then I’ll scan the daily email updates. I’m sure I will miss stuff that way though but I really do not know how to handle this mutating beast of a thing. I see so many people pull back from blogging because it gets all too much for them and I don’t want to do that.

so much to do

This is how I feel sometimes


There must be a better way.

So I’m going to throw it out there to you. What techniques and strategies do you use for keeping up with your blogs? What works best for you? Any tips you want to share with others? I know there are other people out there struggling with this so let’s see what we can come up with when we throw all our ideas in the cauldron.

Thanks for sharing and hope you’ve had an awesome weekend wherever you are!



30 thoughts on “Keeping up with my WordPress reader

  1. I have decided to stick to just a few core people who probably are the ones who kept me blogging (and there’s only about 10-15). I know what you’re feeling! My family is the MOST important, and blogging started cutting into my quality time with them. So I’m trying to just do a little in the morning, a quick check at lunch, and again before bed. It seems to help. And sometimes I get through reading other posts, and sometimes I don’t! GOOD LUCK! Don’t feel guilty skipping all those posts! πŸ™‚

    • Yeah I think picking a core group is probably a good start. I know what you mean about family being more important though. I cut back on my reading this week as I had to make time with my son his time and not half him and half computer/phone. He is pulling hair again and i think it’s an attention thing because he is feeling like my attention is not undivided. I don’t know if I’m right or not but I have to try it. Thanks for the tips!!

      • “…half him and half computer/phone.” I know it! And then it seems like the room is quiet and empty, and I go to answer a LEGITIMATE text or e-mail, and the kids come in–and I still feel so guilty! Like I’m always on the phone. And by the way–you don’t need to come over to The HSD. I don’t mind. At all! Even if I come make comments on your site! I’m trying to learn that people will come to The HSD, take what they need, and I may never “see” them again. They may come and lurk, and I may never know it. They may come, laugh at me, and thank goodness I don’t know it! Or they’ll follow along kindly and keep me in the ballgame. If the writing feels good and is a hobby I enjoy and have time for, I’ll not feel guilty about it. If it becomes a pain, for me it’s all voluntary–and I’d better just let it go. Said in a teasing voice: But don’t come check-out my posts–you’ve got too many others! I’ll be back periodically, even if you don’t! So will the rest of us who enjoy your writing!

      • Awwwwww that’s so very kind of you. I was over at your page looking at your craftiness tonight actually! I will still try to visit all the blogs I enjoy. I may just have to accept it might not be as regularly as I’d hoped or for EVERYTHING. I’m pleased you are enjoying my posts though and will still visit if I’m not always over. Thank you πŸ™‚

  2. I use WordPress reader with the app on my phone. I don’t beat myself up about not commenting on EVERY post. I check in every day or so and scan the last 20-30 posts depending on time. My theory is that the 20-30 will be different people every day. Sometimes the theory works, sometimes not. If I read a post and it feels like I totally missed something, I scan back on that person to see what I missed. It’s not a perfect system but its the best I can do.

  3. Ha! As I read this, I am currently drinking wine trying to catch up while the husband does his at home work next to me with his beer. Saturday nights have drastically changed.
    I always skip around to what grabs my eye and sometimes read from my phone during the day at various “free” moments. I may not finish it but can go back and finish later. I’m sure that breaks the momentum of a piece, but it works. And then I’ll take one night where I buckle down and read and it’s always alot of fun.

  4. Welcome to success, girl. My cousin is a successful entertainer (shh, no names!!), and he gets over 10,000 emails a day. He can’t read them all. I’m so far behind, I’m trying to like the view from back here. I’ll see how it goes, and I try to remember why I started this game — yep, the reasons are still there, and, you know what, I like reading blogs. I’m staying in the game, and I hope you do, too.

  5. I to follow a lot.of blog. I admit i do not read every post they write.
    I look at the title.. am i intersted? I look at the word count.. do i have time? Sadly if its a long blog post i skip past it.
    I read while i breastfeed mainly.. in the evenings whike the baby sleeps.
    Although i read i dont always comment.

    • Yeah I think the title and the first few lines probably make a big difference in this sort of situation. Which is a shame as many posts I’ve read are better than I expected from those two things alone. Still, what can you do. You have to choose somehow!! Hey I hope the milk/feeding thing is coming along ok. πŸ™‚

  6. I usually read on my iPhone app during transit. Been having difficulty catching up too, so I just scan through those that I usually follow, and check the backlog over the weekend if I have time. Had been very busy recently, so the posts are piling up!

  7. Ohhh love I’m having the same problems lol. Sometimes I have alot to write about and I post frequently, as well as read other blogs and comment. But with the weather being awesome here, I’ve been outdoors and have fallen way behind on all of it. I’m sure (and hopeful) that everyone understands.

  8. This is a big problem for a lot of us, no doubt! Between writing our own posts and other online activities, it is hard to keep up with reading all the blogs we follow! I agree with some of the other comments: Have a core group of people you read as often as they write (I’d say mine is somewhere around 40-50 people) and then others who you follow but choose if you’ll read based on the topic.
    Another possibility, could be catching up on individual blogs routinely and ditching the reader. What I mean is, add the blogs you love into your internet favorites (or pin them on Pinterest!) and then choose to read certain ones on specified days, and others on other days. You would only visit each blog once a week, and then read however many posts they wrote (or that you found interesting). So, maybe I have you set to check out on Tuesdays. I wouldn’t come by at all on any other day, but then I’d catch up with anything I missed. The only way I could see this being a problem is if you normally entered giveaways or participated in blog parties, because both are time-sensitive. :/ Otherwise, regular post-reading can wait – and NO guilt! πŸ˜€

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