Apparently many women have never seen their vaginas.

Yes, I just used the word vagina in the title of my post. As far as words for genitals go I have always found it lacking somewhat but the thing is, that’s the word. I happily say penis to my son so I am just going to have to get over the word vagina.

woman underwear ankles

Stole this shamelessly from a blog post about vagina odour. Yeah. I know. It was the best option.

To help us today I’m just going to repeat it a few times so we can get the blushing over and done with. Ready? OK. Β Ahem.







How are we doing? Stopped blushing yet?

So, where were we?

That’s right, vaginas and the fact that some chicksters out there have never even looked to see what the damn thing looks like.

Please don’t take it the wrong way, there is no judgement here when I say that. None. At. All. So if you’ve never seen it then don’t feel bad. I just never ever realised this was the case for some people.

I know this now as some dude named Davey Wavey has done what can only be termed as a public service and posted the result on youtube, which sounds like it might be gross and explicit. It’s not. It’s actually cute and awesome and does something pretty great.

Davey found these rockin’ ladies by posting an add on Craigslist for chicks who had never seen their vaginas. I have not seen said add but it must have been pretty persuasively worded otherwise I would have Β just been thinking PERVE. In the end he had a number of responses and 5 women made the final video cut.

There were a number of reasons why these women had never had an old squiz down there. One lady had been raped, another had wanted to be a nun, another had been overweight all her life and her tummy was in the way (there are other reasons but don’t want to spoil it all for you).

Davey, bless his heart, rigged up a vagina booth and handed each chick a two sided mirror and videoed their reactions. Everyone looked a bit awkward and embarrassed when it was their turn but they also looked relieved and liberated at the end. It was pretty damn cool.

Check it. It goes for a whole 3 min 23 secs so no excuses now.

So if this is you, if you haven’t looked “down there” because you feel scared or ashamed or worried then don’t be. It almost certainly isn’t as bad as you think, looks pretty much like most pictures you would have ever seen of one (even thought they are all different) and it doesn’t come to life and rip your head off just for saying hello.

Remember, you are in charge of your own body. It isn’t in charge of you. The vagina has no power over you and looking at it harms no one. The best part? No one even has to know.

Have fun with that.

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35 thoughts on “Apparently many women have never seen their vaginas.

  1. Very timely post, as I am heading to the gynecologist today! LOL Their reactions in the video were so cute (and funny!) I wouldn’t have thought, in such an over-sexed society, that some women haven’t ever looked at their own vaginas. Good grief, that was hard for me to type – Bahaha!! πŸ˜›

  2. You read a blog on vagina odor?

    Vagina is not a four letter word. I am much more offended by “V” “va-jay-jay”, or any other “intended to say vagina but couldn’t” word.
    The Bearded Clam, however, is both fitting AND beautiful.
    Vagina is just another one of those words describing “mysterious lady parts” of which men have made us ashamed. Mummy- you’re right. We need to take back the vagina.
    Vagina Vagina Vagina.

    • haha nooooooooooo I didn’t read it. Just typed various search terms into google images (which is naughty way to get images really) and found that one…when I went to the source – VAGINA ODOUR! lol

      OMG The Bearded Clam is AMAZING! I’ve never heard this before! lol But yes, we do need to take back the vagina and goddamn embrace the word.

      • Maybe it’s an American thing. How about the bald man in the boat? Hair taco? The bat cave or the tampon tunnel?
        None of these bother me- I find them entertaining. It’s the ones that are strictly made up so that someone does not have to say “vagina”( like “v”) I hate that. Your hoo haa is not a “v”. It’s a vagina. Get it right or be stupid about it, but don’t be embarrassed. We all have one, and I can’t speak for us all, but my vagina and I have a very close relationship. We may play around, but never disrespect each other.

  3. How about looking at it before and after birth, now there’s an exercise in self acceptance, lol! It’s all good though πŸ™‚ . Nice, thought provoking post and vid and nice to see you posting again, lady! Gonna go back and check lasts weeks as didn’t have time. Xx

    • Oh many I bet after birth it looks awful. I had a c section in the end so I’m sure mine didn’t have that tortured look others would. If I had given birth naturally there is NO WAY I would have looked down there right after. I’d rather not know. I would have forbidden all eyes down there in fact. lol Great to hear you from you. Long time no see xx

      • Thoughts appear did a post on her vagina after birth. I don’t know how to link from here, I’m kind of an idiot that way, but she’s hysterically funny and that post was relatively recent, if anybody wanted to check her out.

  4. ha! That is awesome! I love their reactions…having never seen your own vagina seems so strange but I can understand how these women never had. Very liberating for them I am sure. I love the one who said she thought it would have a cape on. lol…and the apple turnover! hysterical!

  5. Rock on!!! Thought the video was going to be cheesy, but it wasn’t! I loved it! I say the word vagina and penis – big believer in using the real words – but I have a girlfriend that can’t say it – can’t say either word – and so sometimes I just randomly say it in a conversation in order to help desensitize her to it! LOL. I’m a great friend! VAGINA!

    • He did such a great job, especially for a dude! I love that you do that with your friend. I think it’s important we desenitise ourselves. There is nothing wrong with using the actual words. So ridiculous we feel otherwise (well I do, you don’t).

  6. An older (than me) woman in my life had some sort of blemish on her vagina that the gynecologist found and had to be tested for fear of cancer. I couldn’t believe it had gotten along as far as it had and she told me that she never looked. I was just like, “you’ve gotta get down there and check things out once in a while.”

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