TTT – also known as the post that broke the drought.

ten thoughts mfs


Dear World

It has been more than 2 months since my last confession post, are you still be there to hear my bitching and moaning? 

As far as friends go I look like a pretty slack one at the moment. I’m a slack one with nice hair but a slack one nonetheless. We could dilly dally around why but it’s not important. Things happened, I didn’t write, things happened some more, I still didn’t write, and still more things happened and here I am. Whaddaya know?

I thought it might be easier to do the update bullet point style so waited for a 10 Thoughts Tuesday OPP especially. Here we go.

1. I’m starting a new business!! I think I mentioned this before I disappeared from the face of the earth two + months ago. Well this is a different business than that one we spoke about (the 3rd incantation actually – who says you get your best ideas first?) and I’m excited. More to come on this. Right now my graphic designer is working on a logo and then we’ll get the moving a little bit more. Could be selling my first stuff in less than a month though. WOW!

I am really excited about the brands I will be selling. LOVE the shit out of it all. Here is a sneak preview:

itzy ritzy luggageactivity-schoollibrary-tote-imperfect-dots-main-398-398








Anybody say cutesypants?

2. I have been so inspired by the May Health and Fitness Challenges I’ve been reading in blog land. That was what prompted me to want to blog again initially but then I kept not getting the time and now May is almost gone HOWEVER until I got sick last week I was right there with you all. I was exercising 6 days per week and eating really well. I bought an uber cool calorie counting watch that I’m dying to use so watch this space. You will hear more about that watch thingy once I get moving again.

3. Speaking of exercise I am running like a champion these days. I’ve been training to do 10kms for the last couple of months now and it is going splendidly. My best achievement yet is 9.2kms in about 56 mins. Can’t wait to get back into it again soon. I’m missing my runs! I’ve come such a long way from that girl who started off by doing Couch 2 5k in June last year. I remember back then I thought I’d never run 5km without dying. It is truly amazing what we can do when we try.

4. Mr Monkey is now a whopping 2 years and 8 months old. He is every inch the almost 3 year old, in attitude as well as all those more pleasant milestones. His current favourite phrases are: “Shut up” and “I missed you, Mummy”. Clearly I adore one more than the other.

5. We’ve toilet trained! I can’t believe how relatively painless it was. Don’t get me wrong, we had plenty of number 2s in undies which I hated with a passion but it didn’t last too long. Daycare were an amazing help as was Monkey having a number of friends already on the path. I always said I wouldn’t train until he asked and he asked so that’s when we did it. I was harrassed by all the oldies in my life for ages about how long it was taking me to get around to the training. If this is you DON’T GIVE IN and resist the urge to tell them to get fucked (I may have missed that boat so this is really some “been there, done that” advice).

6. I was shocked to discover today that one of my favourite bloggers, Miss Fanny P, and her family were burgled recently. One of her sons woke to a strange man in the room. How terrifying. They lost a lot of stuff and due to a goddamn paperwork error they were not insured. I’m sure they are feeling a range of emotions at the moment and fucked off is probably one of them. If you follow Fanny and wanted to know what was going on now you know. There is a fundraising page for the family here.

7. The best thing about today? I wanted chocolate and my bestie down the road had a bunch and sent some home with me after daycare pickup. What a legend!

8. Even though I’m not around as frequently, I am still around and have been reading y’all blog posts from time to time.

9. I don’t know why I just used y’all like I’m from the deep south. I’ve been watching too much Nashville (how good is that show?!?!?).

10. I have no idea what shape this blog will take from here or even how long it will take me to post again. I will be blogging for my business as well so that will take up some of my blogging time.  All I can say is stay tuned, and if you don’t abandon me I won’t abandon you. If I’m going to leave permanently, I WILL say goodbye.

Catch you on the flip side cool kids.

mfs brand




45 thoughts on “TTT – also known as the post that broke the drought.

  1. Great to see you! That’s so great about your running. How exciting 🙂 I definitely know the feeling. We get asked about potty training often. I’m not ready so they aren’t ready. Lol. It is summer now though. Would be a good time to tackle it. Ho hum.

  2. Welcome back and cutesypants! Those are adorable! Wishing you loads of luck on the new venture! So sad to hear about Miss Fanny P. I may have missed a lot of her posts with life getting in the way. I was mostly offline for the last few weeks except for a few post and run here and there. Off to visit her site now.
    And you are totally rocking this running thing. 😉

  3. Rachael!! So glad you jumped back on with a TTT! I love the ability to share a bunch of random things, don’t you? 😀
    Yay for the business (will you share that blog info with uus?) and for potty training and exercising! ALL good things! ❤

  4. I am SO glad to hear things have just been crazy and mostly good for you! Yay on the business, yay on toilet training and yay on the running! Keep killing it, Rach! And please share your stories! I’ve missed you tons! xoxo

  5. Good to hear what has been happening with you! I love the suitcases, super cute. And I like your lips signature, very nice! Good luck with all of your goals…I’m hoping to do my May goals in June 🙂
    I am so sorry to hear about Miss Fanny P, that is absolutely terrifying.

  6. Happy to see you writing and updating us! Congrats on the new business, have seen the news about Fanny P, but haven’t read the post yet (or if it’s now private I might not ever read it!), Happy the potty training went well and can’t wait to hear more! 🙂

  7. Great to see you BACK! And your business sounds very exciting. Look forward to learning more about that. And high 5 re toilet training. It’s a big milestone 🙂

  8. Eee – those little bags look gorgeous – good luck with your new biz!! And hurrah for monkey graduating to pants – a big milestone! XXX

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  10. :::waving hello::: Nice to hear from you! Sounds like you have a lot going on… always good to stay busy and excited about what you have on your plate! Looking forward to your updates!!


  11. Great update! Glad to hear it (not about Fanny P. which I just learned about today as we’ve been on vacation. Horrible.)–the business, the potty training, the running and fitness, the y’all, all of it. I will look forward to your business venture and hearing more about that, hopefully! You take care and write when you can! Terri

  12. Sorry I haven’t been around as much either! I was really in a great bloggy groove with a couple of you and then life happened! I’m hoping that my social media vacation will give me more time to interact in the blog world.

    Crazy Pants just turned 3 and we are no where near potty training. My MIL sort of threw a fit when we tried to train him about a year ago and finally just gave up. She is starting to stop being so pushy now that she understands that he has developmental challenges and may not be ready for a while. I really HATE changing and washing diapers for two children, but I would hate even more to have a child with toileting problems because we forced the issue. I am happy for you and hope to someday join the ranks for parents with self-toileting children. Ha!

    I can’t wait to find out about your new business!!!!

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