The #proudmummymomentproject

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I’m birthing a project. Huzzah!

Now before you skedaddle off out the door because you think it’s all mushiness and gooey proud mummy stuff, let me fill you in.

I will admit, yes, there is some of that. The mushy, skyting stuff because let’s face it, it happens and it makes us happy and our eyes fill with tears. Heartwarming. Beautiful. Great. It’s fun to share this stuff.

But there are other not so show offy things that go on in my life that I’d also consider a proud mummy moment.


  • Making it to the end of the day alive ———–> cue photo of me with wine. Or just the wine.
  • Making it to the end of the day with all kids still in one piece ——————–> cue photo of sleeping children
  • Getting my kid to sleep ———–> again, photo of sleeping child
  • Getting the dishes done or the house cleaned or the toys put away (I think you know what photos would go with those ones).

My point is, there are many different ways to define a proud mummy moment in our lives. Each day is different and some of these moments are especially useful when we are having those days where we need to laugh instead of cry.

It doesn’t always have to be a photo that will show your proud mummy moment either. Maybe it’s a quote, a comment, a video, a whateveryoulike. If it’s a proud mummy moment for you then it qualifies.

The #proudmummymomentproject IDEA

It’s easy. It’s simple. It’s user friendly.

Simply hashtag any relevant status updates, photos or videos whenever you post them to social media with #proudmummymomentproject

NOTE the “U” in mUmmy.

I’m going to aim to do one per day but you can do it as much or as little as you please. Do 10 in one day if you want. Do one per month. Just do it in a way that makes it fun for you. No one likes a chore.

Now, there are about a gazillion mummies in this world at last count and a pretty substantial proportion of them have a smart phone and a social media account so this is easy peasy. Let’s get the word out there.Β Let’s make this shit trendΒ (ok ok, high hopes but you have to aim for the moon, right?).

Do you think we can do it?

I’m so going to try.

I’ll be posting on my personal Facebook page; Twitter; AND pinning where I can to my The #proudmummymomentproject Pinterest board. If it’s a photo I will also be Instagramming that shit. All with the hashtag folks. Here it is again:


Btw: even with all that I only reach about 700 people and only a proportion of them are mummies so I’m kinda relying on you to share the idea with your mummy friends if you think it has some cred. Which it SO does! But no pressure.

I will show you my pet unicorn if you participate. I will buy one of your own if you spread the word.


Rachael xo


50 thoughts on “The #proudmummymomentproject

  1. Good idea! I’ll be the loser who admits I don’t post much on social media, other than clicking the F or T on recipe or article sites. I was a bit confused when you said hashtag…is that something I can add on? On both Facebook and Twitter. I could see myself deleting the whole line trying to add something. Would I? I’m so clueless. πŸ™‚

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