Let me show you my NOW


So before we get into this post let us discuss a few things.

First of all, this post has been inspired by the Daily Post prompt today (that’s twice this week – CRAZY) so that’s what it is all about. I am supposed to write entirely in the present tense so let’s hope I’ve achieved that and haven’t made a boo boo. I’m a linguist (or so my degree says) so it’s going to suck if I fuck it up.

Second, I’m no poet. The last time I wrote a poem was about 25 years ago and it was probably better than this but I’ve had a crack at it because as soon as I read the prompt I thought POEM and who I am to resist the creative urgings of my soul. So here it is. Be kind. I hope it makes you smile. 

I sit in this room

The coolest one in the house

The fan is on full speed

And I’m quiet as a mouse

For the child is now sleeping

This time is for me

I’m not sharing it with housework

It’s my time to be free

Free from the dishes

That sit in my sink

That intrude on my thoughts

While I sit here and think

And do everything I can

To write this lame arsed poem

And get Freshly Pressed

By the Freshly Pressed gnome

Are you there, can you hear me?

I’m trying to shout!

Come in, take some notice

Let me show you about.

Let me show you the NOW

In this house where I stay

Let me give you some money

I’m happy to pay

Oh no! It’s not bribery

It’s a gift, take my vow

A gift of my words

To bring you to my NOW


I post Tuesdays and Thursdays and the occasional bonus post. Pop in and say HI! I love hearing from you. I will respond to all comments and give you a big kiss (with tongue) if you think my post is so good you share it.

😛  <——— sexy tongue eh?


24 thoughts on “Let me show you my NOW

  1. Nice job Rachel!! Its a great poem…glad you let those dishes sit so you could write it 🙂 Those prompts are fun, aren’t they? They push you to try new things which always a fun challenge.

    • Yeah I’ve never been that into them but I really enjoyed that one you did when you were late gor yoga and driving over the bridge so I’ve kept a better eye on the since. I think it’s a great way to improve your writing and dping something so different was definitely fun!!!!

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  3. Hmm, I really did like that. I suppose I can relate though. I have “inner” arguments about random household tasks every day. It’s like the responsible me is in my head wagging her finger at the procrastinating me in shame.

    I love how people will tell you “just let the dishes sit there…the kids, school or whatever is more important…” Yet, that doesn’t make the dirty kitchen stress me out any less.

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