Reality. She’s a real know it all biatch don’t ya think?

Super mum pic

Today I am owning it.

So while I was tap tap tapping away, writing my Tuesday post about how I’m not a super single mum, good old Reality was gleefully rubbing her hands together in a Rumplestiltskinesque way and preparing me a nice warm dish of How do you like them apples baby?.


Stewed” I said. “Nice and stewed”.

“My favourite”.

And she took me seriously. 

On Wednesday she presented me with a sickly little boy. If single parenting is so easy then here’s the next level sunshine. Oh and have that with a side of gee you also have some tummy queasiness.

“Thank you darling”, I exclaimed.

Actually, my little ray of sunshine was on and off sick all day. It didn’t seem that serious, no temps, still eating and perky moments so I figured by nap time that we were over the worst of it. He would reset and everything would be fine. No problemo.

But it didn’t happen like that. Of course.

He woke from his nap crying and with a raging fever. I’d actually been sleeping the whole of nap time too as after lunch (a super healthy home cooked one too) my queasiness kicked up a notch and brought along some severe stomach pains. We probably had the same bug truth be told.

I took the little monkey into my room with me and he was listless as anything. He wouldn’t let me take his temp or give him medicine. By this time it was 4pm and our local Dr was shutting down for the day. I rang one of those after hours medical assistance lines to see what we should do. Hospital? Wait it out until tomorrow? Or find an after hours Dr service?  The vote was after hours Dr service so I set off for that. I managed to get him to take a little dose of Panadol right before leaving.

Well I should have listened to him when he said no to Panadol as less than 2 mins down the road he chucked up the entire contents of his stomach for that day. If anyone has ever had their kid throw up behind them in the car they will know how awful it is. There is nothing you can really do and they are a combination of bewildered and distressed.

(Although after he was done Monkey got all perky and just kept telling me I did a big burp mummy and it all came out. Bless)

We turned around and came home to clean up before heading back to the Dr. It is hot summer weather here at the moment. Vomit in the car is going to stink if you don’t get it out ASAP.

And at that moment, right at that moment, I would have been grateful for someone else here to help out. To clean the car seat or the child, or rinse the vomit ridden clothes out. Something would have been good. But when I looked at the time it was only 4:30pm and I thought pull your head in Rachael, most hubbies wouldn’t be home from work by now. Single mum or not this is the way things would be for most women.

BUT eventually hubby would be home. He would possibly have been able to leave work early to help out, bring home dinner or make it, get some of the urgent groceries I missed that day like the nappies I was almost out of, sort out some of the vomit stuff, tidy toys, wash dishes…any number of things really. And that’s the difference between being on your own and having someone around. My fictional husband is just that, fictional, so there is no one here to fall back on for the little extras.

But that’s OK with me.

It’s life. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s hard and that’s OK. And it’s silly to compare on how it would be if things were different. Or what the Jones’ are doing down the street as let me tell you, no one knows what’s going on behind their closed doors except them.

One of my followers left a great comment on my recent single parenting post that said this:

A mum of three, one with sever physical disabilities, recently said that there is no point in comparing “how tough” one has it though, as if somebody feels that something is tough, it is, even though it from the outside seems less tough than what others cope with. A parent just does, what needs to be done, and as parents we can try to support each other to make it easier on all of us, and that is life.

I love this comment.

Tough days are tough days. And it’s OK if my tough day isn’t as hard as your tough day. It’s still tough. And I’m allowed to feel like a super mum for getting through it. So I’m going to own it.

Yesterday was a hard day. And me, I, I totally rocked it. I was a super mum.


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36 thoughts on “Reality. She’s a real know it all biatch don’t ya think?

  1. Aaaaaaa car vomit!!!!! Just awful itsn’t it??? And you’re right – last time it happened to me DH was at work and I had to plonk both kids in front of a film, hope that there was no more sick in the meantime and scrub the seat and the car. It took AGES and then there was all the washing, the stinky clothes, the bucket and washcloths… gawd, it was awful. By the time DH came home it was all done and he had a normal evening, lol!!! Hope you’re feeling better and it doesn’t get you too – mum + babe being sick is one of the most challenging ordeals a parent ever has to go through (shudder!).

  2. I can certainly relate to your post 🙂
    I guess with me though, even when I did have that husband, he wouldn’t have made a meal or done any of those things without letting me know he’s put out. Even with a sick Monkey.
    It can be so hard alone though. I really do take my hat off to you and yes you rocked it! Hope you are both well again now.

    • Yeah that was the point of my post on Tuesday (not sure if you saw it – that some partners either aren’t there to help or don’t want to help so I don’t really feel I have it much or any tougher as a single parent than some married folks out there. This follow up was more to remind me that those things don’t matter. Comparing my situation to others doesn’t matter. I can have tough days and I can be super. Single parenting is hard but parenting with someone who makes you unhappy and isn’t helpful is waaaaay harder. But the tough days are still tough. Hope all is going well with you in single parent land.

  3. Every day that you show up, love and care for your child without losing your mind, you are a super mom! Toughest job in the world, some days more so than others.

    So glad to hear you’re both feeling better today. I remember the vomit days, when I had two under the she of 3.5 yrs old, and I stayed at home while hubby worked. It’s a miracle I didn’t become an alcoholic. LOL

    • haha “without losing your mind” and damn ain’t that the truth. Oh and I’m hearing you about the alcoholic thing. There are some days I could down a bottle before 6 if I wasn’t careful. I’ve had so many friends comment too “Oh I just have a wine before bathtime and it makes it sooo much easier”. And then it’s a wine before dinner, and a wine with dinner. Been there. Slippery slope that one.

  4. Hope you are all well now. I really feel for single mums. Although my husband is useless and working away 3/5day. He does do stuff when he is home. Im not to sure what im still thinking about that one.
    Hang in there. You are an amazing strong mother and a role figure for us all.

    • See with your hubby away often you are like a part time single mum. On the flip side it’s one less person to look after in the house. That’s the way I see it.

      Thanks for your kind words. So lovely. We are all doing well again now. Yay!

  5. You own this one sister! My husband has that thing where if he sees/smells/hears vomit he immediately vomits as well. A whole lot of awesome help he is. Ha. You ARE a super mom. Not just for this. Heck, I feel super if I manage to get up, showered and dressed before breakfast most days. 🙂

      • Here’s another reason you’re a supermom…case in point: a stomach bug attacked me this afternoon out of nowhere and now I’m laid up after diarrhea and throwing up feeling totally weak. I seriously have NO idea how I’d take care of my kids without my husband and my mom. Ugh! Sucks!!

      • Oh you poor thing. Monkey and I have had that TOGETHER before and it was tough for sure.His dad did come up to help me but then got it too. Lol It was definitely one of the more difficult parenting moments. I hope you feel better soon. Xx

  6. Supermum you are for sure!! Good job! I remember a few years ago #2 got sick in the bathroom…totally missed the toilet…It was everywhere and I remember thinking, “If i don’t clean this/her, no one will”. I wanted ti turn around and back away. But, I stepped in it, picked her up, washed her in the other bathroom, put her in my bed, they cleaned up the bathroom. My husband was away so it was just me..You do what you must!

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