I finished the sucker

Yup, that’s right folks. I finished the Couch 2 5k program. It only took me about 6 months instead of the suggested 9 weeks but WHO CARES?

My times are much slower now than they were pre my North America trip and the only thing I can put that down to is diet. BUT again I say, who cares? I finished it. I can now run for 30mins straight no problem and most times I do more than 5ks in 30 mins.

So what now?

My goal now is to increase my speed to do 5k in 25mins. And my Couch to 5k app can help with that. Let me rave about this app for a second as if you are looking for one then this is awesome. It is a running app rather than just a Couch to 5k app. It’s called Run Double and it has multiple programs on it and it is available in miles as well as kilometres.

Finished C25K? No problem. You can do timed 5k runs with stats, you can do a 5k to 10k program (I see this in my future), you can do intervals, 0 to 10k, 10k and half marathon event training AND, my new favourite, 5k improver training which basically helps you get faster on your 5k runs. THIS is my next planned program.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing. I struggled a bit to stay the course a few weeks ago and someone on Facebook suggested I get a running partner. So I’ve done that which has been really awesome. We run together 1-2 times a week and the other 1-2 times I run alone. When I run with my running partner I notice the first half of the run just scoots on by sooooo quickly. It really is incredibly motivating.

The other great help recently has been my choice of music. Previously I had a running playlist but then I started using it to count songs and try to figure out how long I had left to go. This isn’t that helpful for me. I’m better of being distracted and just running. So now I run with the radio in the background (only Triple J – besides the fact that I don’t really like mainstream music the ads on commercial radio would quite honestly do my head in). The mix of talking and songs means that it is impossible for me to count how far I’ve gone unless I use markers (ie trees, play equipment etc). To combat that I just don’t look up all that often and then I don’t know how far I’ve gone.

So YAY me. I’m feeling really excited about achieving this goal and I can’t wait to get faster. I’m sooooo going to get faster. You wait and see. Just call me Speedy Gonzalez. Or Road Runner. Beep beep.

*My best time so far is 5.14kms in 30mins. The goal is 5km in 25mins or 6kms in 30mins. You know I’ll report in when I hit it. If you are interested in my stats at all you can check them all out on my Couch 2 5k page.


I post Tuesdays and Thursdays. Pop in and check them out! Please. Pretty please. With berries on top.


29 thoughts on “I finished the sucker

  1. I’m so very proud of you!! I had to laugh, I count songs, too!!
    Next week, after Mr. T and I finish with our antibiotics, he wants to start running with, outside, with me. So, I’ll take my run outside, but I’ll have a running partner! I’m kinda excited!
    Again, I’m just so proud that you finished and are moving forward!

  2. So happy to read this. Keep up the great work! A 25 min 5k is pretty good, especially for a new runner. Have you thought about joining a local 5k run at that point? You would do great and have a lot of fun I think.

    • Thanks!!! I am dying to join a local run. They have these things called Park Runs all over Australia but they are always 7am on a Saturday morning which is really difficult for me with childcare. My son’s dad works Fri night and Sat AM so it is hard for him to have him then even if he does work from home. However we have organised to do this the last weekend in Jan so I can have a go at this run. I’m so excited. Hopefully my speed has picked up a lot by then and I get close to my goal!!

  3. Good for you, girl!! I’ve started Pilates and mixing up my cardio. Did the row machine today for the first time and loved it! Whatever we have to do to stay interested, right?
    Can’t wait to hear when you’ve done 5k in 25mins!

    • I love Pilates. I did full on private machine classes for years. I really should get back to it and incorporate it into my exercise program. I’m just loving running too much at the minute though. But yes, whatever keeps you interested!! As long as you keep on going. I wonder if it will take me another 6 months to get that 5k in 25? lol Oh well, so what!

  4. Amazing. Well done!!!!!!! I never did get past week 7 (shame face). And 5.14km in 30 minutes is a fantastic time – I would be so, SO excited if I were running that fast. My post-kids best is still 5km in 30:54, and even before that it was only 27:59.
    You go girl, I am cheering you on!!!! (And I will check out the app too – thanks!)

    • Thanks, Rose! Given that you are eating more raw now I’d be interested to see if you running times improve if you are going to keep going / go again. One of my followers is on the Paleo diet and he swears his speeds increased big time once he implemented the diet. I’m about to do a bit of a detox (started as a dairy elimination – post to come) so I’ll be interested to see if that impacts my speed at all. And yeah, check out that app. I’m SO in love with it!

      • Ahhhh diary elimination is something I am certain would make me feel better… I truly believe is isn’t really right to consume milk meant to feed baby calves, but I LOVE cheese so much, lol!
        Yes I reckon diet really affects your speed – good nutrition equals better quality muscle building and better quality energy. Will be great to see how it goes!

      • Oh man don’t talk to me about cheese!! I love it so much! Eliminating dairy isn’t too bad for me as I use alternative sources for my cooking already. It’s just in my coffee (had a soy one the other day – not as great) and the cheese. And those are 2 very hard things to give up. It’s only for 3 weeks though to see results. I can do 3 weeks and then we’ll revisit.

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