Mummy needs a schedule

White christmas tree

I’m bucking the trend here

Man it turns out I suck at blogging at the moment. Sorry about that you guys. I’m sure you are being nicely entertained elsewhere but STILL, you follow me for a reason and it’s not because I’m boring or absent.

So I’ve decided what I need is a blogging schedule. I’m a bit of a control freak and every other part of my life has the swing of routine in it so the blog needs one too. It’s either that or stop blogging and I’m not going to do that. I like it, it’s awesome. I get to practice my writing and interact with you guys. It’s the bomb. I also forked out $75 for this theme, oh, about a whisper of time ago, so I’m not throwing that money away just yet. No way hozay. So a schedule it is.

What I’m going to commit to is this: I’ll post every Tuesday and every Thursday evening (AUS time – that will prob be morning/midday of those days for our northern hemisphere friends). And when I say post I mean they’ll be good meaty posts. There will be content. Aside from that I might throw a guest post link up or a short and sweet post at other times during the week but sometimes that won’t happen at all. Many weeks you’ll just get the 2 posts.

That’s my goal. So I’ve promised you and I’m promising myself. Tuesday and Thursday each week I’m going to be coming into your world and do a little word dance on your computer screen. Hope to see you there!

Oh so before I go you are probably wondering what the photo of a white Christmas tree has to do with any of this. Well I wanted to tell you all about how today I bought our first Christmas tree. I couldn’t deal with the whole 1 year old touching the tree thing last year so skipped it so this year is our first real year. I’m so excited! When I got to the store I was so taken by the white one that I just had to get it. So I’m bucking the tree trend. Hopefully I won’t completely traumatise Monkey.

We actually had a white one growing up for yeeeeears and I do remember desperately wanting a green tree like everyone else. And yet here I am buying a white tree now. But it looks hot don’t ya think? I also bought blue and silver accessories so I’m hoping to pull off a tree like the one in the picture. We’ll do a comparison shot of it next week eh? That should be amusing if nothing else.

Now go go go, go enjoy your weekends. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you again on TUESDAY. Yay!


26 thoughts on “Mummy needs a schedule

  1. I love white trees too but have a green one at the mo. I don’t have a schedule but I work Mon-Wed so there’s rarely a post on those days. I make sure there’s at least one post each week during Thur-Sun.

  2. I think a schedule is great for blogging, maybe I should make that my new year resolution 😉 I tend to randomly post. I also feel the need to pull back sometimes, like last week and then the darn haiku challenge came up and I posted everyday. I would like to get it to twice a week too, that sounds reasonable for the weeks I feel less creative but also good self- control for the weeks I am overflowing with who knows what. haha. Thanks for the motivation to get some rhythm to my blog.

  3. I think a schedule is a great idea – but mainly because I like reading your posts! 🙂 And, I love the white tree!! I wish I’d thought to do a white one when Mr. T was little. Every years since he was born we’d go out and pick a “special” ornament, so my tree has Elmo, Spongebob and Scooby Doo next to my ever so elegant Candy cane peace symbol and oversized purple and gold egg! But if I could do theme colors, I’d so go with white! 🙂

  4. A schedule works well, I find. Mine is Mon, Wed, Fri (although I sometimes do random other days posts). With the Mon-Wed-Fri schedule I find that I can write my posts any day, as long as I schedule them to publish on those days. It gives me the flexibility to write when I have the time/space for it, while sticking to a pre-established publishing schedule. Good luck!!

    • Yes I see the schedule function being used a lot in my future. Hey I wanted to tell you how you inspired me the other day. I’d had a big exercise week and felt pretty sore but wanted to do a run. And I thought “Nancy has exercised every day this year. You can do this!”. My pace was rubbish but I did it!!! I was SO proud of myself and grateful to you. Thank you x

  5. White trees are lovely 🙂 DS2 is obsessed with baubles on trees in shops at the moment… I am dreading putting our up, lol! A schedule sounds good – especially as you run everything else that way. Look forward to Tuesday! X

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