Cloth or disposable? I did a little review as a 100% disposable user…

I have been a disposable mama all the way with Monkey. I toyed with the idea of cloth but toying was as far as I got. I was always completely scared off by the idea of leaking non absorbent nappies and sooooo much washing.

After talking with cloth users I’ve since started to think that maybe I was wrong so I decided to do some research. I’ve put together a little pros and cons type table to compare the two options. If you are deliberating between the two options then I’m sure you will find it very useful. I’m just so tempted by little bottoms like this one shown off by my cute friend J’s little girl below. If you want to check out the results of my highly scientific study just click on her pic and it will zoom you on over to my post at the You and Baby blog.

I'm soooo tempted to do cloth by these cute little covers!

I’m soooo tempted to do cloth by these cute little covers!


30 thoughts on “Cloth or disposable? I did a little review as a 100% disposable user…

  1. I think you did a pretty good job representing cloth as a non user. I contribute twice a month at and about 6ish months before I started cloth I wrote an entire post about how it wasn’t for me. And trust me, the first month or so sucked trying to work out all the kinks but I’m very happy I do it now as 2 kids in diapers is expensive! And even with twins the extra laundry isn’t a big deal. I did post a “I was wrong” post too πŸ™‚

    PS we don’t use disposable liners as they aren’t septic tank friendly. It’s still really not that bad.

      • I’m mobile right now but if I remember later, I’ll search for them. Try the tags “Heather C” or I think there’s one actually called “cloth diapers” Should make it easier. πŸ™‚

      • Awesome! The first 2-3 weeks I asked myself often if this made sense to keep doing. It was stressful figuring out but I am sold now. I will say that we aren’t obsessive about it. We use disposable for vacations or long days out (like at the Zoo). We use them when we are sick. We use them when I’m just too lazy to stress about laundry. It happens. Even with all that, we only use maybe 1 jumbo box of diapers every 4-6 months so it’s definitely better. (We used to buy 2 boxes a month plus overnights!)

  2. Cloth is quite popular here in Japan. They sell all sorts of great goodies to make the experience easy and enjoyable. I contemplated doing it myself, but ended up sticking with disposable. I remember when I told my friends at home in Ireland I was *thinking about using cloth, they thought I’d gone mad!

  3. That is the cutest freaking diaper I have ever seen.
    But I am 100% disposable over here. Totally give respect to the women who do cloth, but laundry happens every day around here as it is, and it is my most loathed chore. I just can’t bring myself to do it.

  4. Good work πŸ™‚ I bet I could make you a full convert. I do lazy person cloth diapering. The only time I use a liner is when I have to use rash cream. And then, it’s a bit of cut up old t-shirt. I’m a prefold girl because I think stuffing is DUMB. I also keep disposable inserts on hand for overnight travel and power outages.

    • I did the cloths for the first year with my first born and it wasn’t hard when I had figured Iit out. The hardest part was to figure out what type of cloths I wanted to use. I bought the cloth nappies new and sold them for about half the price at the end, and during one of the endless breastfeeding sessions with no 2 I counted (no movies on πŸ˜‰ ) that I had to use them for about 7-8 months to make it cheaper than disposables (nights and trips i used disposables)! And I never used the disposable liners, they cost too as well as water and detergent. I used the cloths for about a year so financially it was just worth for us, environmentally definitively, laborwise not a problem. I finished with the cloths as my daughter was almost dry at 1, so didn’t see the point of getting next size up. I was about to reuse the cloths on my son but they did not fit. With a 1yo and a newborn I did not have the energy to look for suitable ones, nor do I know how I would have had room for even more laundry to dry. Because at that point there was a fair bit if that… So disposables it has been since.

      • Ah interesting! I did see a few people say they weren’t as money saving ad they seem so that’s interesting that you crunch the numbers. I think for true benefit you’d have to use one size fits all ones by the sounds of it.

      • I had the “one size” ones, but still they were getting too small at 1. I think buying second hand would have been a money saving and ecological way for it, I’ve seen plenty of good ones for sale second hand, but then there is the question of having time to look for the good ones with a newborn… Btw, I do live in an expensive country, so the maths may not end up the same way elsewhere.’

    • Hehe you crack me up. Such a shame wr didn’t get to meet *sigh* NEXT TIME. I love this lazy diapering idea. I can’t understand the pockets so much either. Seems to me you lose some of the benefit of the multi layers ie less washing.

  5. I am a cloth diaper user and LOVE IT. I have grown to really hate disposables – they smell worse, leak more often, and arne’t nearly as cute. Oh and they’re expensive. That little polka dot bum is ADORABLE!!

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