Tips and tricks for bringing on labour – aka How to evict your baby

When those old wives sat around weaving their tales they certainly spent a lot of time on the labour inducing ones. I tried a couple of things with Monkey but as you would know if you’ve read my Birth Story (errr novel) I was still induced anyway. I’m convinced it is because I didn’t have enough time.

Next time I won’t be caught out like this. Next time I will be armed and ready with labour inducing techniques coming out my wahzoo (closely followed by a human being hopefully). I did a bit of research on the topic recently and compiled this little list so if you are keen to know what’s what in this department head on over to You and Baby and check it out. Or if you’ve used some of these yourself or something different altogether then leave me a comment and tell me all about it. I want details!

Psssst…if you click on this gorgeous baby belly (yes that’s me!) it will zoom you on right over there.

bringing on labour


9 thoughts on “Tips and tricks for bringing on labour – aka How to evict your baby

  1. Hehe, I remember reading about a whole lot of induction methods when I was at 36 weeks and there still wasn’t anything going on. I was adamant on waiting until I had reached my due date before trying anything in case it worked. The day I was at 40 weeks, I went out and bought some dattes. That night, we had sex. Not very pleasant or comfortable, but hey, the big guy was happy LOL. Well, four hours later I awoke to realize that my water had broken. My contractions, however, became weaker overnight and I actually needed to be induced. The dates were very useful post-baby, y’know, to get things moving…

  2. I had no luck with any of these. My little one was still a full week late. I do like the idea of wearing your best knickers though. It seems like the most likely solution. Of course, if they can get ruined they will! Ha!

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