A Day in the Life – Thursday

Fabulous idea. Go brain!

Fabulous idea. Go brain!

It was another really busy day today. And I have a cold sore to prove it. Too much going on before the big trip. Today was my second work from home day in the week. The schedule is pretty similar to yesterday’s. 

7:45am     Out the door to daycare. We made it on time again today. Monkey had some trouble separating which made me sad 😦

8am – 9am    RUN (did two 8 min splits today – didn’t get the stats I’d hoped for but that’s ok).  Check out details for that here.

9am – 5pm    Work. Work. Work. I didn’t achieve everything I’d aimed for sadly but I did the best I could. I’m wearing out. Too many late nights this week, stress with the trip         organising, the cold sore coming up which stressed me too. It’s all a real picnic. You know, it never ceases to amaze me just how fast these work at home days go. I wish work days at the office used to go by so quickly! I was always a pretty dedicated worker but I’m even more efficient now. No water cooler conversations, unnecessary phone calls or long lunches. When I have these work days, I really WORK.

5pm – 7:30pm   Evening routine with Monkey. Everything went super speedy today as we popped into a friend’s place to drop off a birthday present on the way home. We had leftovers for dinner (apricot chicken + veg – an old favourite of mine).

Monkey was super challenging to get off to sleep AGAIN. He was soooo tired but didn’t fall asleep until 8:30pm. I’m out of ideas on this one.

8:30pm           Sit back down to do more work. THAT’S how much I need to get stuff done. I normally don’t like to work in the evenings but today there was simply too much to do.

10pm             Write this post and then head to bed.

Best thing about today? I survived running for 8 mins at a time not once, but twice! It’s still awesome even though I didn’t get the stats I wanted. Ready for the 20 min run on Saturday.

Let’s not forget that I’m linking up with Kerry, the little legend over at Winding Road for the Day in the Life series. Looking forward to reading about everyone else’s days this week.

Winding Road

Goodnight bloggers. Sleep tight.


19 thoughts on “A Day in the Life – Thursday

  1. I know the feeling of going back to work after work! I did that last night in an attempt to get everything done (I’m off on Friday to get ready for my annual Halloween party!)

    Maybe when you get back Monkey’s sleep issues will be all gone! 🙂 One can hope! Congrats on the (2) 8 min runs… I’m taking your advice and going to slow down my pace… I have to admit, that never really occurred to me! Hope you are having a blast on vacation!

      • It has!!! It’s been amazing!! I did my first 20 min today! I repeat the mantra “slow and steady wins the race” I was supposed to go 2 miles in 20 minutes and I still ended up going 4 miles in the 20 minutes; however, since I’m on the elliptical, I think that it makes my steps wider than they would be on the ground. But, by slowing down I’m not killing myself, I’m getting my heart rate up, I’m still sweating, but now I’m also enjoying myself!

        I feel stupid that I never thought of it – nor had I ever done the math to realized that anything faster than a 6 minute mile is NOT healthy for me!

        And, I’ve lost 2 pounds since I slowed down! I know I’m doing it to get healthy; however, I’ll take the weightloss that comes with it!

        Sorry, I know this is long, but you literally saved my life! You don’t know how happy I am that you commented and helped teach me!

        Hope you are having fun!!

      • Yay! That makes me so happy that my suggestion worked for you and has made you happy. How good is sharing!!!! And yeah I know what you mean, the weight loss is nice even if it isn’t the specific goal. You don’t need to feel bad about like the rewards you reap from being healthy. I’ll do another update on where I’m at when I get home and run again. See how I go after almost 2 weeks of eating badly and not doing much exercise lol

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