A Day in the Life – Wednesday

Picking up Monkey's school photo was the best part of today.

What a little legend!

Today is Day 1 of my work at home days (there are two). These days don’t have as much going on so I’m going to try a different format.

7:45am – This is our goal ‘leave the house for daycare’ time. We don’t always make it but today we did even though Monkey slept in until 7am. Double hooray! Dare I say that I might be getting good at this? Better not. It will all go to hell in a handbasket if I so much as THINK it. 

8am – RUN – it damn near rocked today  <—- that’s a link to stats. I’m feeling very excited for the next one.

9am to 5pm – Work from home.

I try to spend as much of this time actually working at home as possible. Sometimes, however, I do need to go out and run errands too. Today was one of those days as I’m getting organised for my trip next week. I had to see the Naturopath and get some supplies and get the car washed and get some warm weather clothes and the list just goes on and on. I was out longer than I’d hoped but it was still an effective day. I had an easy lunch and worked all afternoon until the daycare pick up.  I also managed to do 2 loads of washing.

These are long days for Monkey but I really need every minute I can get and I’d rather he do 2 long days than 3 shorter ones. That’s the trade off.

5-6pm – Monkey and I play stickers again. I prepare dinner (fish and veges tonight). Squeeze in another load of washing.

6-730pm – We finish the rest of our nightime routine and Monkey goes to bed. He was tired tonight and asked me to sit in my spot outside the door again. I humoured him tonight but tomorrow I’m going to try cutting the cord just that little bit more again. I really want him to be not quite so dependent by the time my mum arrives on the weekend.

8pm onwards – Get a few tasks done for my trip and write this post. Answer comments to my post from tonight. Bedtime looking to be at around 10pm tonight (hmmm just finishing up now and it’s 10:40pm). Not too shabby at all (more shabby at 10:40pm).

PS So what do we think? Brevity looks good on me eh?

PPS Linking up with Kerry over at Winding Road for the Day in the Life series.

Winding Road

Best part of today? I picked up Monkey’s school photos. He looks SO CUTE!


PS Quick hello from San Francisco! We just arrived in today. I just wanted to do a little shout as I realised that THIS IS MY 100TH POST!! Wooohooo! Thank you so much to all those who follow my blog and make my world a brighter place. You guys rock! Here’s to 100 more. More stories to come soon. I promise. Now for shower, beer and food! x


14 thoughts on “A Day in the Life – Wednesday

  1. I liked this format and congrats on 100 post! Btw, isn’t the amount of washing unbelievable when there are toddlers inthe house?! Regarding the bedtime clinginess: it may sort itself out. My son was/is like that with me (especially now since i started work and he daycare) but when my mum put them to bed there was no problem. The little one must have known the difference.

    • Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the new format too. I think it streamlined it all a bit. And oh my god, yes the washing is INSANE. Kiddies are interesting. They know how to pull on mummy’s heartstrings for sure.

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