A Day in the Life – Tuesday

First ever sticker book. LOVED IT.

First ever sticker book. LOVED IT.

Well today technically started at 2am when Monkey woke up crying. It is so rare for this to happen these days that I actually bolted upright in my bed with surprise. I’d had the late night remember (in Monday’s wrap up) so I was a bit startled to be jolted awake less than 4 hours after going to sleep. I was so startled that as I raced into Monkey’s bedroom to see what the hell was going on I totally forgot that I’d recently put a toddler gate on his door to stop him creeping out at bedtime.


I connected with that MOFO. Damn. Hopefully that should keep its existence firmly planted into my memory banks for next time.  And we are off to a cracking start to the day.

I couldn’t settle Monkey in his room so I took him back into bed with me which is a rare occurrence in this house. Long term readers would be familiar with the fact that I can’t stand co-sleeping. Sometimes though, it’s the only option. So that’s what we did.

Tuesdays are busy little days for us. We have our swimming lesson at 9am which Monkey really loves although he was a little rascal today. And then straight after we head to the world’s best playgroup at the TAFE. For my US friends TAFE is kinda like what your community college is I suspect. It’s a post school training facility. One of the courses they run is child care so the students from the course run the playgroup. It’s amazing as they are all trying so damn hard to make it innovative and fun. Each week is a little bit different. There are stations located all over the site so there are easily 10+ different things for each kid to do. There’s a waitlist to get into this playgroup but once you are in you are in.  I won’t be giving up our spot until Monkey goes to school.  It really is awesome.

After playgroup we did a little grocery shopping. Normally I try to avoid it with Monkey these days as he has gone off the trolley seat but he sat in there today like a good boy so it was sooooooooo much easier. After shopping I ducked home and put the freezer/fridge stuff away and then I took Monkey for a little drive to get him off to sleep. It’s a total cheat I know but way easier than negotiating with him to go to bed. I don’t know why he fights it so hard as he always needs to be woken from his day nap these days. He clearly needs the sleep.

During naptime today I had some lunch and wrote yesterday’s post and drafted the first part of today’s. Then I let myself have some fav show time. There’s something about sitting back and watching a show that I find uber relaxing. I try to do a little bit of it every time Monkey has a day sleep as if I just rush around or even blog the whole time I feel like I haven’t really had any proper time out. It helps keep me sane.

Monkey slept for aaaages today and I didn’t wake him at 3:30pm like I usually would. He slept until 3:50pm so it wasn’t as late as it could have been. We stayed in this afternoon and had a great time playing. I bought him a train sticker book for $1.50 when I did the groceries so we mucked about with that for awhile. It’s his first ever sticker book so it was pretty fun for him. We also ate some watermelon together and he watched some Wiggles while I hung photos on the wall that have been sitting around in frames for over a month now so all in all it was a fun afternoon. It was so good to be able to stay home.

Nom nom

Nom nom

Bedtimes have been a bit of a nightmare again lately. I cuddled with him on the bed to get to sleep while we were away and now it seems I need to break that habit as all he says is “Lay down, Mummy. Lay down” at bedtime.  It breaks my heart but tonight I said no. I still needed to sit at the door of the bedroom though. After an hour I’d had enough (although it’s a great chance to catch up on blogs!) and went to have a shower. He screamed from his room the whole way through. I came back, cuddled him (he looked so sad), put him to bed and sat outside the door of his room. This time he was asleep in 10mins. Man I hope this gets easier. Where’s my baby that happily played in bed while falling asleep???  Fingers crossed for no 2am calls tonight.

So that’s a pretty typical Tuesday for us. Linking up with the delightful Kerry over at Winding Road for the Day in the Life series. I wonder what she has been up to this Tuesday?

Winding Road

PS…Don’t forget this was last Tuesday. Today I’m actually on board a flight to the US of A. At the time of publishing I’m probably somewhere above the Pacific Ocean…STILL.

Best part of today? Staying in and hanging with my little monkey this afternoon. We had so much fun.


23 thoughts on “A Day in the Life – Tuesday

  1. He is so cute! It seems like sleep with kids has ups and downs until they are 3 or 4. I try to just savor the good sleeping times when they happen. Luckily, Ryder has been easier in that area than his sister was. Maybe Monkey will be back on track when you return. Hope you are having a great flight!

  2. I feel for you on the sleep thing. E started showing his sleep ass around the age of 3. His dad and I were exhausted and his dad did the big no no-CO SLEEPING!!!!! I was furious!!! So I got beat to hell every night until he was about 5. Then he gave up and went to his bed lol

  3. We’re having sleep issues too.
    I don’t want to be co-sleeping either as I want my daughter to fall back to sleep independently of cuddles. I also don’t want to sit, freezing my ass off outside her bedroom door. I’ve done both of these by the way!
    We are currently tackling the problem of her waking several times a night with a little tough love, and it’s working. At 2yrs 8m I feel my daughter should be sleeping all night, and if she wakes, that’s ok, but I want her to go back to sleep by herself. Not too much to ask is it?

  4. You’re much nice than we are with G$. He can scream all he wants until he falls asleep in bed, but there’s no camping out near his door or sleeping in mommy and daddy’s bed happening here. The 4 year old has taken to coming into our room at all hours of the night, so that’s neat. He says he’s scared and seeing men in the doorway, etc., so no more Scooby Doo for him! I gave him his own flashlight to sleep with and that’s helped a bit. Good luck with little man. He’s a handsome fellow.

  5. I died laughing when you ran into the baby gate! Sucks, but made for a funny story! Thanks for translating to US for me – I have a couple of blogger friends that have to do that and it’s always appreciated!
    anyway… hope the travels are going well for you so far!

  6. That’s one of the things about being a mom. you have absolutely no idea what to expect especially when it comes to sleeping (which is definitely not something you ever take for granted as a parent). Luckily the more tired you are the more you can laugh at it!

  7. Thanks for the pics and day in a life. I enjoyed it! For the sleep thing, I really recommend a book called Good Night, Sleep Tight. I actually followed the program (I am not usually one to follow programs) and it worked wonders! If you don’t want to buy the book, you may just try to google “the sleep lady shuffle” to get the concept.

  8. Sounds like you had a good Tuesday 🙂
    I need to get Molly into a better bed time routine, I am dreading it. I just can’t stand the crying and it really breaks my heart, I hope it gets better for you xx

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