Couch to 5k update – a teeny bit of starting over

The holiday is over baby... Image credit:

The holiday is over baby…
Image credit:

So this is where this whole shamozzle is at.

Lately, there’s been more of the couch and less of the 5k. If I was on track as planned then I’d be at about week 7 of the program by now but of course, I’m not on track.

Around the end of week 3 I got sick with a throat infection so that led to a little (1 week) pause. I started back at the beginning of week 4 and things were going well and BOOM got sick again. Seriously. I must have the immune system of a newborn. The DR assures me it is because Monkey is now 2 and picking up all sorts of viruses out of thin air. Who needs daycare when you can just open your mouth and let them float right in? Ok so it is probably daycare but man, it’s getting annoying. I bet it sucks for Monkey too.

SO, after the second week of illness I didn’t jump right back in the saddle. It would seem I’d officially fallen off the wagon. And things were busy with that stupid course I was trying to finish (now done – YAY) and work and, well, just life and all that jazz.

THEN, we went on holiday to see my family in Newcastle. That was really really fun. I drove all the way down this time and was really proud of myself and Monkey for not only surviving the journey but doing it with ease. It’s about a 7.5hr trip and we just split it into 2 days and did an overnight in Coffs. It was fun.  I took my jogging gear on the trip but failed to look at it even once. There were no good intentions. Except for one or two fleeting moments I didn’t give the whole concept of exercise more than a second thought.

Now the holiday is well and truly over and we are back to life and back to reality, just ask Soul II Soul all about it. LOVED this song growing up. Go on, play it in the background while you read the rest of my post.

So now you have you that on and grooving in the background isn’t it better? I’m playing it on this end for the rest of my writing and I gotta tell you, I am one hot (as in sweaty – I’m writing this post run) groovin’ mama.

Yes so back to reality. Which means I got my run on again today. I didn’t feel I was ready for week 4 again yet so I decided that I’ll re-start things at week 3. So that’s what I did today. I’m going to record my stats alongside my previous ones for the week so it will be interesting to compare. Although today’s might look odd as I forgot to change the units to km so I have to convert it all from miles and god only knows how that will go.

I’m aiming to run 3 times per week, and gym it up 2 times. I think 5 exercise sessions in a week is a good goal. Interestingly I’ve noticed since my exercise pretty much stopped that my sleep has REALLY deteriorated so obviously I have pent up energy that needs to be burnt. I’m looking forward to some much better sleep in my very near future.

Hope you guys are all great. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you with some more stuff soon.


*Update: I went and did those stats and either the internet sucks at converting from mph to kph OR I totally kicked arse. Having the last lot to compare to is awesome. It lets me see how far I’ve come. You can check out any of my Couch to 5k stats on my special (oh so special) Couch to 5k page. Today’s stats are under week 3. Ciao!


28 thoughts on “Couch to 5k update – a teeny bit of starting over

    • Yeah I don’t know WHAT the go is with that but it’s seriously weirdo stuff. Thanks for the luck! Hopefully I can make it the rest of the way without falling off the horse again!

    • lol no but it is almost summer so I want to trim and tone up a little. And funnily enough I was finding that running 3 times per week wasn’t actually keeping the kgs off all that well. So exercise 5 times per week it is, 4 at minimum. I have a theory that you need 4 times to make a difference. 3 will just barely maintain.

  1. Nice job getting back in the saddle! We have also had 2-3 rounds of colds around here since my daughter started kindergarten. Mine turned into a sinus inf. Gotta love the kid crud, and they never get it as bad as the adults it seems. Good luck with your training program!

    • Wow that’s an awesome effort!!! I’d totally do that too if I had someone at home to watch the kiddo. It’s a gorgeous time of day to be jogging and it gets it out of the way for the day. You don’t have to think about it anymore. Good on you!!!

  2. Hey, I like that musical link in the middle of the post. I actually clicked it that way. I may have to steal that idea sometime! It’s still jamming away! You can do this! You can get that body in shape for a 5K. You just go do it! If you listen, you can hear me cheering for you when you run. It goes like this: Your mind is saying, “I can’t do this. I’m so tired. I’m going to stop.” Then you hear me, “Just —run— har-der.” So you do. And you finish strong. There you go. Song’s over. Too quiet. Off I go!

    • So glad you clicked the tune! And steal away. I stole it from someone else at some point too ; ) Thanks so much for the awesome pep talk. I’m going to take it running with me tomorrow 🙂

  3. I just started C25K. No reason except my daily time on the elliptical machine was killing me – it was boring and I swear the 30 minutes lasted an hour! I did week 1 last week and am redoing it – my bones need more time to adjust, and I’m loving it so far! Now that I’ve started I’m excited, and now I’m starting to look at fun runs and mud runs for next year! 🙂 Good luck in getting back on track!

    • I find exercise bikes like that. My half hour running, on the other hand , goes by SO quickly! I really love how you can hear the stats as you go and it breaks it all down for you into easy bite sized pieces. It makes it so fun. I’m so pleased you are enjoying it too! Good luck and keep us posted! 🙂

      • You got it!!

        1. Go on a strict Paleo diet
        – You won’t get sick anymore. It’ll be weird, and you’ll wonder why… But trust me, you won’t miss it! Even Monkey bringing home the superbugs from the daycare won’t phase you. It’s great!
        – Your workout recovery will be unreal! Have you seen some of my posts about the absurd performance gains I’ve made running over the past year? Well, I’ve been incrementally notching myself from a “Recreational Runner” when I first switched, to undeniably fast now. Yes, some of that is natural athletic ability. But I attribute most of it (remember, I was merely “Recreational” before going Paleo, and haven’t changed my training patterns at all) to the diet. Everyone else eats grains. I don’t. They’re getting older and slower. I’m getting faster!
        2. Running:
        – Do 5-10 minutes per day, every day, before your breakfast coffee. No need for frills, thrills, or anything else. Make it a routine, and the earlier the better. If you get it in before coffee, just get up and go, you’ll be so out of it that you won’t even realize that you’re running until several hours later when you’re fully awake and greeting the day (on your otherwise normal calendar). Since you’ll be tired, barely paying attention, and you’ll forget it almost immediately, it can’t possibly be miserable, because you can’t remember if it was or not!! 😉
        – In addition to the 5-10 minutes of daily morning running, get your 2-3x per week workouts in, but make them much more focused, and qualitative. Since you don’t need quantity (you take care of most of that in your routine morning runs) you can really focus in on speed, hills, or distance, depending on the day.
        3. Workouts:
        – I do almost entirely body-weight workouts. I have a few heavy things that I lift on occasion, but mostly I just trust that my body is plenty heavy enough for the strength training I need. 🙂 For your functional strength, I would suggest the same.
        I do two kinds of workouts: easy and intense.
        – I do 2-3 easy strength training workouts per week. These I do in the comfort of my own home, and they may last several hours while doing other things. Example: 1 set of 15 pushups during every commercial break, and 1 2-minute plank in between. With 5+ minutes of rest, I can keep that up for a long time!
        – I do 1-2 hard, intense workouts. These last between 10 and 20 minutes, and typically are very challenging. I’ll do a combination of pullups, pushups, planks, bear-crawls, burpees, sprints, and a multitude of variations on each of the above mentioned exercises. Often I’ll have little or no rest between sets. I’ll do 4-5 different exercises, and just cycle between them. Because these are so challenging, I keep them short, and only do 1-2 per week.

        If you do all of that, you probably won’t even notice when you’ve gotten to the 5K distance, and beyond. It will just happen one day, and it will take you several days, or weeks, before it dawns on you that, “Oh, I did it!”.

      • I love this comment so much. Thank you! I’ve actually been flirting with the idea of going on a full paleo diet for awhile. And I’m getting closer. We already don’t have a lot of grains but I’d really need to get out a Paleo cheat sheet of what is forbidden and what is ok to know for sure how close I am. I do eat pretty clean already and am always conscious of getting enough protein etc.

        I love the running tips. Sadly I can’t get out first thing in the morning (I’d love to) as there is no one here to watch Monkey so I have to just work things around when I can with him. If my situation ever changes I’ll remember this advice. In the meantime, on my gym days, I might incorporate a 5-10 min run at the start of each workout.

        I also really like your workout advice. Maybe I can manage to incorporate some of those at home ones. I like the idea of your own body weight being all the weight you need. I think it keeps you more limber in your toning too rather than all bulked up like a crazy person (which I don’t want).

        Thank you so much for taking the time to write this comment and give me these tips. It’s so lovely of you. 🙂

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