Unrepresentative Swill

Here’s one for the Aussies.

People, we are voting tomorrow for a new party to lead our country. We all know about that. But do you know abut the senate vote?
I mostly just think of it as that massive big white bit of paper they give me that doesn’t fit in the polling booth. It usually contains a few out there parties like the Three Day Weekend Party or the Fishing Party. Know which one I mean now? I’ve tried to spread the love around a bit before by choosing one of the more serious minor parties but apparently that sort of behaviour can wind up with someone like Pauline Hanson getting elected – which looks like a real possibility this election. Why? Preference deals my friend.

I would explain it to you but why do that when someone else has done it better. Please, check out this post before you vote tomorrow (it’s an easy read so don’t be scared) so you know where your vote goes on the day. Hopefully we can avoid winding up with some of the real crazies having representation in the Senate (I’d seriously settle for no Pauline Hanson to be honest. Fruit loop!).
Good luck and happy voting!

ricardian ambivalence

Like most Australians, I have in recent times voted above the line in the senate — after all the ballots don’t even fit in the booths anymore. From time to time I even shopped the vote about a little – voting above the line for a non-major party.

But I won’t be doing that in this election – and I doubt that I will ever again. Why? because the senate preferences deals have become so complicated that I now think preferential voting is profoundly undemocratic. Safer to stick with a major party.

For example, as a result of dodgy preference deals, there is a real chance that Pauline Hanson will get a senate seat in NSW (though I doubt you could find 15% of New South Welshman who thought a fairly dim Queenslander was their best representative), and a real chance that one of Clive Palmer or Bob Katter will…

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2 thoughts on “Unrepresentative Swill

  1. No idea about your system, but right on for being aware and active about what you believe. We are in such changing times, hope it turns out for the best (and that they are against that horrible barrier reef destruction thing…ghastly).

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