A parenting fail to make you feel awesome

Eeerrr I'll try not to do it again.

Eeerrr I’ll try not to do it again.

Having a bad day? Well here’s a tasty little morsel from my life to:

a) give you a laugh

b) make you feel clever

c) make you feel like your parenting skills are actually skills

Because at the moment, mine certainly aren’t.Β 

I’ve had my fair share of parenting fails. I’ve traveled 120km with my 6mth old and forgoten to take nappies. FAIL

I’ve yelled at, smacked and got irritable with my kid when he didn’t deserve it. FAIL

I’ve also been to swimming lessons and forgotten nappies (me and nappies, we have a thing). FAIL

But today’s little episode, it’s by far THE MOST ridiculous thing I’ve managed to do as a parent.

Lately I have been uber forgetful. I don’t know WHAT is going on. I’ve even started this new to-do list system that is working for me really well in terms of getting stuff done but somehow, things are still falling out of my brain. One day, my brain will wake up and decide to participate in my life but for now, it seems to be having a nice looooong rest.

So my best brain freeze yet coincided with my ability to parent and all I can say is poor Monkey. Last night, I managed to put the kid to bed wiithout a nappy on.

We don’t toilet train, we aren’t anywhere near it. In fact, Monkey pees the equivalent of about an Olympic sized pool at night so he well and truly needs the nappy. Not only did I make this mistake but I did it on the eve of his birthday so he woke up 2 years old and covered in urine. OMG.

Which was awesome because I didn’t have enough to do already with work and the party prep for the party on Friday so yay that I got to fill in some of that “spare” time with washing the bedclothes and his pjs and his sleeping bag. Made. My. Day.

Anyway, I shouldn’t complain. I didn’t sleep in pee.

It took me hours to figure out (ie remember) what happened. Initially, I thought it must have been at pj time right after the bath but then I remembered that he did a no 2 after bedtime bottle so we had to do a nappy change. I think I was rushing as he was wriggling and being a pain in the A so in my “rush” I simply cut out a vital step.

FAIL. Big fat parenting fail. I suck. I totally suck. But hey, we live to fight another day.

They say mistakes are proof that you are trying but I’m not really sure that applies here. What was I trying to do exactly that caused my mistake? Β I want to steal this quote but I just don’t think even I can sell how that would work for me. So I’m going to settle for ooops. I’ll try not to do it again.

Do you have any awesome parenting fails to tell me? Go on, show me your worst!


48 thoughts on “A parenting fail to make you feel awesome

  1. Are you kidding me? That is so not a parenting fail that is your initiation in to the terrible twos! so relax! I’ve done this multiple times. I remember a few months ago we went to this really nice resort for a holiday and what do you know? I forgot to pack the nappies. Finally I had to buy it from the resort gift shop and it cost us like three times the normal price. The husband was not pleased at all…So don’t worry..Its no biggie..You have bigger problems in front of you, like the certain terrible twos..If your lil monkey is anything like mine, soon you will be wishing you biggest problem was having to wash peed on PJs..**Sigh**

  2. No diaper is nothing – I forgot to feed my child! Fortunately, he was old enough to talk, but I dropped him off at the baby sitters because I had plans and he preferred to stay with her, and she called me about 5 minutes after I dropped him off “He said he is hungry and you didn’t feed him lunch. I told him I was going to call you because that wasn’t like you” It was 2 hours after lunch and I had to fess up that he wasn’t pulling a fast one, but that I really had forgotten to feed him… That was embarrassing! And, it wasn’t like forgetting the diaper and no one would know because it happened in the privacy of our house… he ratted me out!

  3. Oh geeze, lets see… I’ve fed the same baby twice (as in not fed one baby). I’ve completely forgotten to change diapers for hours on end. I’ve lost lovies and favorite toys. I’ve left the house without things I need. All three have dived right off the bed (as if I didn’t learn my lesson with the first one).

    It all just happens. πŸ™‚

    • Oooooo I bet that happens a lot with twins (the double feed of one and on feed to the other!). Oh good I’m glad I”m not the only one with a child that has had a fall. In my case I actually tripped up the stairs while carrying him and he fell out of my arms. It was awful.. I was reading some forum online once about that sort of thing and all these women were being really awful and saying “oh no that would never happen to me as I’m not that careless” Errr bitches. So thank you for sharing that. Made me feel a lot better! πŸ™‚

  4. Leaving the diaper bag at home and having a breast fed poo blow out in public.
    V had dived of the bed three times now in the middle of the night which is why we dont or try not to co sleep.
    Yeah i forget to change the nappy in till i pick him up.and get a wet hand full of pee pee.
    Dont beat yourself up more than likely monkey wont remember. πŸ™‚
    P.s happy birthday to the boy !

    • Yeah co-sleeping is a bit unpredictable for me because of that too. Freaks me right out! I’m so guilty of the forgetting to change the nappy for hours one too. Thanks for the birthday wishes!!! And yes, thankfully he won’t remember how slack his mummy has been on occasion. hehe Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. I assume a nappy is something like a diaper. Look at all these mothers fessing up to their terrible mistakes. I can honestly admit that I’ve never done any of this and thank goodness for dads! πŸ˜‰

    • haha fun, yes, that’s an interesting word for it. πŸ˜‰ No, you are right, it seriously is fun. While there are the tanties there are some really awesome fun things as well. And yay, I’m glad you’ve done the nappy thing too. All the comments on this post have made me feel so much better about my little brain freeze!

  6. Oh I hate wet beds! I’m always forgetting to fill the nappy bag-this is gross but I had to wipe a poohey bum and scoop wet poo out of a nappy with my last 2 wipes then put the dirty nappy back on! So bad! plus I’ve forgotten to either give the kids a packed lunch or book a School dinner-shameful! The guilt was huge but the kids survived! πŸ™‚

  7. Hahaha. Yas, also been there with the forgetting nappies thing. Worst one was half way to a natural park, on a train, remembering when girl child had boutnof diarrhea (which she had been suffering…worst time to forget nappies…) and having to get off, mission it to a supermarket to find they only sold bumper packs (the Scrooge in me did briefly imagine buying it and sharing it our between our rucksacks..but even then it wouldn’t have fit), only to go back to train station and buy tiny pack of nappies for double the price. That was fun. (Actually, our wrong day didn’t end there as when we got off train, and on to bus (we dont have a car!) that left us near the park, the bus had to drop us really far off as there was a cycling tournament…we did try to walk, but it was so far that we gave up and ate our picnic outside a cemetery…nice)
    Oh sorry fr being so long winded, don’t know what’s got hold of me!! Great post!

  8. Happy birthday Monkey!! Geez I’ve done that loads of times! Don’t stress, there’ll be more brain freeze moments to come! And as they get older we have less justification to blame it all on baby brain!!

  9. I forgot to strap my 8 month old boy in his buggy once, in my rush to get out. I tipped the buggy forwards over the doorstep, and he fell out! Smashed his poor little face on the pavement. No real damage was done but questions asked at baby clinic!

  10. I still feel terrible for practically freezing my son on our first night in Montana. Being from FL, I never would have imagined it would be so freaking cold during the night or early mornings there in August. So i just put him i the pack n play in warm pajamas…that’s it. No heater on. Then climbed into bed and was snug as a bug not knowing how cold it was. Anyway, we woke and it was so cold and poor guys lips were almost blue! He shivered for a while til I got him warmed up. He was totally fine and happy but I felt like the worst mother ever!!! The next night we were all practically sweating from all the heaters i turned on πŸ˜‰

  11. On DS1s first week back at nursery, when he was 13 months old, I sent him in with a large plastic container full of leftover cooked salmon instead of his lunch (I don’t even know how I did this).
    When I called them from work in a panic (funny how your brain registers the mistake later when you can’t actually do anything about it), they told me they had figured out that he wasn’t supposed to eat half a salmon for lunch and had made him something else from the kitchen. How stupid did I feel????

  12. Brain farts happen. As far as brain farts go, I’m told that they won’t ever stop, because something about being a mommy causes them. So, I’d say live and learn, but you can’t learn when you can’t remember, so live and keep on keeping on. I get it– I try to remember stuff on epilepsy meds.

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