No more, Mummy

No more song.

That’s enough of that thanks, Mummy

We were at swimming lessons this morning and I was bouncing around the pool with Monkey singing la la la la la to the tune of one of our lesson songs when Monkey said to me “No more song”. Just like that. Don’t you sing one more word there pretty lady.

Oooooook then. Thanks kiddo.

This isn’t the first time it’s happened. Before he had the word song he used to just say “No more” and I used to kid myself that it wasn’t my singing he was talking about. But I was wrong. Because he quick smart learnt the word song to make sure he was clear. Poor kid. I’ve been tra la la la la-ing my way through this parenting gig since the day he was born.

I’m a bit miffed truth be told. I’m not THAT bad. I’ve heard the lame recordings of me drunk at karaoke (notice how the recordings are lame, not I) and while I’m not going to be asked to front up some hot dude’s hip band anytime soon (because I’m not hip, not because i can’t sing) I do ok. Well I don’t sound like cats wailing anyway.

Despite all this I still sing to him, much to his distress I’m sure. Sometimes he let’s me get away with it but mostly he’s just not having it. ย Why do I bother if he doesn’t like it? ย Well I like to sing. My life is greatly enhanced by music. If I am happy, I sing. If I am sad, I play music. When I run, I listen to music. So I guess I live in hope that when he issues me with his little instruction he means “Not right now, Mummy” as opposed to “Shut up, you sing like crap Mummy”. ย Generally, if I ask him what he wants me to sing he will give me a leave pass. But only then.

I used to sing to him as a newborn a lot. If he was every crying uncontrollably I would always try singing to calm him. It seemed to work after awhile but maybe he just figured out that if he’d stop crying then I’d stop singing and that was a win. Little rascal.

I”m doing better than daddy though who apparently looks like a chimpanzee. We have this book of animals and every time, without fail, when we get to this page Monkey squeals “Daddy!”. I thought it might be something about the book but it’s not, it’s the picture. I took this photo for this post awhile ago and it’s been sitting in my phone for a bit.

Hello Daddy!

Hello Daddy!

Every now and then I let him scroll through the photos (seriously his favourite thing to do – he watches videos of himself too. LOVES it) and every time he gets to it….”Daddy!”. I did a test run today and put the photo on my phone and then gave it to Monkey. Straight away: “Daddy!”. Love that kid. Even if he doesn’t have an ear for my music.


35 thoughts on “No more, Mummy

  1. Ok, so let’s summarise. Your son thinks his dad looks like a chimp, he thinks his mom sounds like a wolverine singing and he loves watching himself on TV.

    Sounds like my house… Or a great episode of Big Brother. Funny, funny post.

  2. that is hilarious…about the singing and the monkey. My daughter called a chimp “daddy” one time too. And he’s half Thai and not hairy at all, so even funnier. We sing alot here too and it annoys both kids at times ๐Ÿ™‚ oh well, believe me, there are a lot of things I wish they would stop doing too, i.e. screaming at the top of their lungs in unison!

  3. Bahahhahahhahahhaah!!! Daddy the chimp!!! Being told to shut up suddenly seems not so bad. Genuine question: why do they use songs during the swimming lesson? We are starting our first classes in a couple of weeks. Should I book a few emergency lessons with a vocal coach first?

  4. Gotta admit – the chimp being daddy is beyond brilliant!! I sang to my son all the time and I know I have a horrible voice! Horrible! But I was blessed, he must be somewhat deaf because he liked it – and he would sing along. We sing all the time – in the car, in the house, sitting around a campfire or hanging out at the lake. I never realized until now how much we sing! So, just keep at it and maybe Monkey will decide he loves to sing with you ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Lol. I love this post. I too have been big on the singing since the kids were born. My eldest has often told me to stop lately. The most insulting time being when I was getting my groove on to the wiggles and she told me ‘Just cook my dinner mummy.’ Harsh words ๐Ÿ˜‰ Funnily enough, we were reading one of those That’s Not My … books the other day about a monkey. One of them had super hairy eyebrows and my daughter said, ‘That looks like Grandad’. Hysterical.

  6. Chimp+human=monkey?? While there’s something wrong about that, there’s also something so right haha. Great story! He’s entitled to an opinion, but don’t let it deter you – after all how else will he learn to deal with musical differences? Sometimes he’ll like P!nk when you wanna rock to Amanda Palmer and you’ll just have to agree to disagree for a little bit.

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