Thank you for the award love folks!

An award for you!

An award for you!

I don’t know what the protocol is for receiving repeat awards in a short space of time. Do you? I think somewhere along the line here I’ve actually given the award to someone, who has passed it on to someone else and then given it back to me!!! I love ALL awards but I also think at some point if I accept them and pass them on again in the cycle then I’m probably just being greedy. 

SO I want to say a massive thank you to The Urban Paleo Chef and Mummyshymz for both nominating me for the Leibster Award in this past week. You guys rock and I love that you love my blog. I also love your blogs so it’s a nice little mutual admiration society we have going on here.  I’m going to answer the 11 questions from both of you after I say another thank you below.

My next thank you goes to one of my very favourite blogs So Many Right Ways. This lady is awesomeness and I love reading her updates. She was so kind as to nominate me for a second Versatile Blogger Award!!! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeel. Thank you SO MUCH. I love being versatile AND still keeping my readers. You got to love that. Phew.

As a big thank you to all three of you I am sending you this You Are Awesome Award.

Readers, get on over and check out these blogs. They are GREAT!

Most of the awards require random facts but given that I’m answering 22 questions below I actually think I have that covered. I’m doubling up. 

So, here are my questions from Mummyshymz:

1. Chilli sauce (or hot sauce) or ketchup?


2. Heels or sneakers?

Ballet flats

3. Do you believe in ESP?

I believe in intuition.

4. Which is your favourite nursery rhyme?

Twinkle Twinkle at the moment as my son just starts singing it randomly and doing the actions. It melts my heart.

5. Of the 7 dwarfs in Snow White, which is your favourite?


6. What is your favourite quote?

Oooooo I put new quotes on my email signature all the time. I’ve always loved: If you don’t change direction, you will end up where you are going – Lao Tzu

7. What is your comfort food?

Cheese, lollies and chocolate

8. Do you have a lucky number? What is it?

Not really but I do like multiples of 7

9. What is at the top of your bucket list?

Have more children.

10. Do you prefer eating vegetables or meat?

Depends, I love both.

11. If you were granted one wish by a genie, what would you wish for? (no wishing for more wishes!)

Happiness for all of my family.

Questions from Urban Paleo Chef

1. Of the astonish number of technologies that we use every day, which one has the most impact on your life?

The smart phone
2. What is your least favorite part of blogging? And how do you cope with it?

Trying to keep up with reading all the blogs I love. I just do the best I can.

3.   If you were transformed into an animal (a non-human animal…), right this instant, which animal is most representative of who you are now?

A well loved puppy.

4. If there was one activity that you could spend a day doing, regardless of cost, location, etc. what activity would you do first?

Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely things around the world that I’d LOVE to do. But I’m so happy with my life right now that now one thing immediately springs to mind.

5. If money was no object, is there a restaurant, anywhere in the world, which you would travel to and eat at? And what would you eat?

One of those fancy ones in New York that everyone raves about. I’d like to see if it is really as good as people say it is. I also did read about a Paleo Cafe in Cairns. That’s would be pretty awesome to try.

6. What is the most fun you have ever had with food in your life? And school-yard food fights DEFINITELY count!

My brother and I cooked a cake out of whatever we could find in the cupboard. The result was the heaviest baked good I have ever seen and definitely not edible. I have never forgotten it though!!!

7. Have you ever gone running outside with socks but no shoes on? Why? What season was it?

No special reason. Probably because I’d taken my shoes off already! lol

8. Is there an article of clothing which you have purchased in the past but you will never purchase again in the future? What is it, and why will you never buy another? And Halloween costumes don’t count. Unless you were buying clothing to assemble the costume yourself; not using a pre-assembled costume package.

Cullots. I hope they never make it back in fashion as I’m not buying them. They are so ugly. 

9. What was your favorite childhood game? Do you still play it? Why, or why not?

Guess Who. No, I don’t play it at the moment but will as soon as my son is old enough.

10. What did you want to be when you grew up? Have you become that? Why, or why not?

I wanted to be a Barrister (Lawyer). I think I changed my mind 100 times after that which is why I never did it. Looking back I think I would have really liked it. I have the type of brain that would enjoy it. I did do some post grad law a few years ago and I really enjoyed that.

11. If you had no limitations, is there a food that you would like to cook with, but cannot currently? What food is it, and why can’t you cook with it? Yes, cost can be the reason.

Hmmm nothing that i can think of. I pretty much cook whatever I like. I think this is a good indication that I am not adventurous in the kitchen!!!





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