Things I love about parenting

Tomorrow is another day. But today, today I love it.

Tomorrow is another day. But today, today I love it.

I spend a lot of time talking about the weird things about parenting or the things that I don’t like about parenting. Not because I am a total whiner but because they are the things that are interesting to me. They make me laugh and, most of all, they offered me the most support when I was struggling as a new mum. Those blogs where people actually talked about the crap stuff made me realise I was normal and just like everyone else. That parenting was hard for many, not few.

Posts like that are a dime a dozen though right. Hell, I’ve even done one. Remember the 10 things I wasn’t prepared for as a parent? That’s one of those. So today I thought I’d do something different.


Cutest pirate EVER

Today, as I packed my cute little monkey off to daycare, dressed as a pirate for book week, I had the biggest smile ever on my face and I truly thought to myself wow there are so many things I love about this gig. So I thought I’d share some of my magic with you.

I look at my kid and dead set believe he is the cutest one going around

Everyone deserves to have someone in their life that thinks they are the bees knees, the best ever, totally amazing. I am that person to my child. There may be other people that are that person to him too but I love it that I am one of his people. I delight in the simplest of things. Simply watching him be happy and hearing him laugh with joy are some of the true pleasures of my life.

I have magic kisses

I love this so hard. Whenever my son hurts himself the first thing I say is “Do you want mummy to kiss it better?” to which he always replies “Yessssssss” in a super sooky voice and holds out the sore hand, foot or head for my magic kisses.

My name is the first name on his lips when he wakes

The first thing he says when he wakes in the morning and wants to get up is mummy. Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish he didn’t but it makes me feel so good that he does. He is my world and I love him and can’t wait to see him. It’s nice that he feels the same way.

I get to hear what I sound like to the rest of the world

There’s nothing like a bit of you coming out of a little person’s mouth to cheer your day.

Apparently my favourite phrases are:

“Oh dear”  “Oh nooooooo” (it’s comforting to see that I don’t swear in times of trouble)

“Stop that” (whoops, errrr firm but clear)

“Sit down” (to put shoes on which we seem to be doing constantly).

“Thank you Mummy” (oh yes, the manners are getting through)

Dancing in the loungeroom is cool

That quote “dance like no-one is watching” was made for me and my kid. We do it frequently and with fervour. I have loved dancing around the house for some time now so I am delighted to finally have a partner in crime.

Housework helper!

Monkey is not even 2 yet and he begs me to allow him to assist with every little task. His favourite task by far is unloading the dishwasher and he is actually good at it!!!  As he pulls out each item he tells me what it is for:

coffee cup = “coffee” – self explanatory I think

tall glasses = “daddy” – as he always drinks out of them when he visits

small glasses = “medicine” – as they are the ones I use for my morning vitamins

I get to watch my child make friends

How good is it when we meet someone who gets us? I swear I have seen that already for Monkey. Seeing him share that sort of bond with someone makes my heart swell with happiness. He and his little friend completely delight in each other’s company every time they catch up. It is a joy to watch them play.

As he went to sleep last night he was so excited about daycare today and seeing all his friends. He was rolling around in his bed listing their names off one after another. It was the cutest thing to hear and I love that already my son has his people.

The run up hug

OMG how good is the run up hug??? You know, it’s like the movie hug. Awesome. Whenever I pick up Monkey from daycare I get one of these. It is accompanied by an excited “Mummmmmmmmmy”.

Best ever. Enough said.

It makes me want to be the best version of me



Since becoming a mother I am forever examining myself and asking how I can be a better person. Now there are no excuses to put things off until tomorrow. I am responsible for someone else’s happiness and well being and the best chance I have of not fucking that up (or him up) is by not being a fuck up myself.

So I work on myself and my parenting every day.  I laugh at the shitty things and I change the really shit things and I try to remember to enjoy it.

What are your favourite things about parenting?


44 thoughts on “Things I love about parenting

  1. LOVE the run up hug and dancing like no one is watching!! We are big on dancing in our house. It’s a fun way to release some energy and it makes you feel good. Glad there are no hidden cameras in my house though!!

    • LOL totally! Me too!!! Between the carefree dancing and singing and the gorilla impersonations I’d be one embarrassed little lady if that went public hehe With all girls you will have many years of dancing to come. Great fun!

  2. I LUUUUURVE this post! Its all so so true! I dont think that I have ever listed what I LOVE about the gig, reading yours makes me realise how good I have it, when I think i have spent the most part of 3 years complaining (to myself mostly to hide the inner whinger in me).
    Your last point hit me hard. Wow, I always beat myself up about how much I should be a better mum, Im always examining myself to the point of insanity, I want so bad to be ‘a good mum’, put myself down when I slip up, hell, even get proffessional help just to be sure Im normal! When all the while what I am doing is trying to be the best version of myself for THEM. How is that not a win win situation!!! Ive been looking at this the wrong way all along, this is a GOOD thing! A positive thing, and understanding that I am going to the ends of the earth to be a better version of me for them, makes me well, a good parent!! So from now on im going to sit back and enjoy that part of the ride….Thanks Mummyflyingsolo xx

  3. yes, yes, yes and yes!! you’ve hit the nail on the head! Especially being their number 1 fan. Sometimes I just look at my kids and think “man, you’re awesome! I wish everyone in the whole world got to meet you to see just how awesome you are”

  4. I think you covered it all! The run up hug is the best….mine are accompanied by an “awwwwwwww”, which I adore. There is no greater gig out there, that’s for sure. My L-bear ours my whole world and I wouldn’t have it any other way. What a great post!

  5. Now that my kids are older, I love when we are all sitting at the dinner table. We all share our stories of our days and laugh! I love for them to tell me their grown up school stories…..drama and all. It makes me still feel like their confidant :). Great pst!

    • Thank you! It is so easy to spend a lot of time and energy on the tough stuff. I guess it is interesting as it’s the stuff we don’t expect. There’s another side though and I think it’s important to remember that. Interestingly when I was writing this article I put the title of my post into google to see what came up…and there weren’t really any posts specifically about loving parenting. A bit sad hey 😦

  6. I love run up hugs. By far my favorite. The ‘MMMMmooooooommmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa’ that comes with it with a huge grin is heart melting. I also love magic kisses ❤ Being a mom is fabulous!!

    • Awwwww so sweet! There are definitely some beautiful moments through the tough times and it only gets better as they figure out how to show that more and more. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Lovely post – so wonderful to appreciate and treasure what’s great about being a mum. I need to do more of this 🙂

  8. Awe I love this and I miss having little ones! Both my children are older, but I think one of my favorite things about “parenting” my 21 year old is I am still being her mother but I able to be her friend now too, As for my almost 15 year old, um, nobody warned me that teenage boys can be so difficult! My favorite thing about parenting with him though is finding ways to connect and spend quality time together. 🙂

  9. I really enjoyed reading this! Such a great outlook on motherhood! My favorite things about parenting is that I am teaching/loving/strengthening our little ones and in return becoming a better person myself.

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