Confessions of a new mother

To be honest, I have many confessions as a new mother. Like how I didn’t bond with my baby right away and how I hated breastfeeding and how some days I wish I was back in full time work as that would be waaaaaaay easier than trying to keep my almost 2 year old terror happy and under control. But they aren’t the confessions of this particular post.

This post is about how I have never felt so one dimensional in my life as I did after my baby was born. I had a one track mind and I felt powerless to do anything about it. You can read all the gory details in my guest post over at You and Baby.  That cute little pic of me and my monkey below will zoom you right on over there as soon as you click on it so please, pop in, have a read and give me your thoughts.

me and my monkey


14 thoughts on “Confessions of a new mother

  1. So true…and I’d even say, in general, with kids, they do take up a lot of thought and conversation. I immersed myself into motherhood, to a fault, with my first and paid a price with my self. I loved every minute of it but didn’t know who I was anymore as she got close to 2. With my 2nd lil babe, I decided that we are done having kids and it is my time to explore myself again. I am doing that, for sure, but my kids are still my favorite topic…otherwise, I’d have this multi versatile, all encompassing topics of a blog. haha! I lost quite a few pre-kid friends who still don’t have kids because we just didn’t relate anymore but there are those few who stuck around and weathered the storm and love my kids and the stories now too. Parenting is truly a “club”…when you’re in, you’re in 100% and love the members no matter if they are anyone you would have been friends with pre-kids just by virtue of sharing the experience with them. Pretty amazing, I think.

  2. There have been times where I silently resented by children because I have “given up” my career and personal life for them. I don’t always feel that way, just in my weakest moments.

  3. I’m really introverted so I don’t typically start conversations IRL. This made things easy on me because I didn’t end up talking about my kids unless prompted to. Good guest post though.

    PS mommy confessions are my favorites. This notion that parenting is perfect and fantastic all the time is complete hogwash.

    PPS I loved nursing my first so I was shocked by how much I hated nursing the second time around. You can read all about it in a post I lovingly call “Surviving Nursing Hell”

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  5. This was definitely me! I didn’t think it ever would be as I had University too, thinking that would give me enough to talk about but it didn’t. My brain could never think of anything to say that wasn’t baby related and at best I could maybe say something about the weather! As Molly is getting older now it is much easier and I am only just starting to feel like I fit in with my friends again, I hope I start to become more interesting as the days go by! xx

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