More mailbox goodies

The beautiful state of Oregon - looks pretty busy too!

The beautiful state of Oregon – looks pretty busy too!

Another  postcard from my fabulous postcard exchange has rocked on into my life. Hooray! I love these babies.

This one is from Meghan over at Mathair Fiona. Meghan lives in the state of Oregon in the US of A. I have actually been to Oregon before, back in 1999 when I was doing some travel in the States. I caught a bus from San Francisco up to Seattle and stopped in Portland on the way. I loved the countryside in Oregon a lot. I remember noticing the beautiful trees lining the side of the road once we were in the state. There was a definite difference between there and California.

Meghan lives in the valley (but apparently prefers the coast). Although the upside of valley living is the gorgeous fresh produce they are getting there at the moment. This is definitely one of the benefits of a more rural life.

I have actually been keeping a close eye on one of her posts this week; it’s about organisation. She sounds pretty organised as it is but was looking for recommendations on how to be even more streamlined. There are some great tips in the comments on the post so you should totally go and check it out. I also found her post, How to Say I Love You on Father’s Day, really touching. It reminded me of how I loved watching X-man pretend to be a gorilla the other day all so he could make Monkey laugh. Our children bring out the nicest side of their father’s, don’t they?

Thank you Meghan for that great postcard that brought back many lovely memories for me. I’ll actually be doing the San Francisco to Vancouver journey again this October but this time in a car. I’ll wave out the window as I’m passing on through!

If you are interested in participating in the postcard exchange then drop me a line at I’ll send you a real pretty one to make your day.


15 thoughts on “More mailbox goodies

  1. Great post! I kind of feel like I’m bragging on myself by saying that. Hahaha. I’m glad to hear that you’ve been here before! When I lived in Ireland I was like a little Oregon Ambassador because I LOVE this state. Word to the wise, Portland is really unlike any other place in Oregon. Also, if it doesn’t add too much or take away from your planned trip, we should connect!

    • haha it’s ok for you to like the post about you! I liked yours about me! lol thanks for the reblog btw. As for connecting that would be awesome but it may not be easy. We are on a bit of a schedule to get from Napa Valley to Vancouver ASAP plus there is the added complication that I will be with 6 other people for the trip. However, my brother (who lives in Vancouver and is organising the drive) says that we are overnighting in Eugene on the way back so if that just happens to be near where you are then we could certainly catch up and say hi!

  2. Oh man!
    I’d totally love to be a part of this, but part of the back of my mind is saying “No, no, no. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. You know you’re lazy, and forgetful, and would never remember to mail one of these off”.

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