Perception versus reality and how that relates to a princess and childbirth.

Waiting in line at the supermarket this week I noticed something really interesting.  Here’s a clue:

uh oh we have the same cover as our arch enemy!

uh oh we have the same cover as our arch enemy!

whoops-a-daisy...wish we didn't chop her head off

whoops-a-daisy…wish we didn’t chop her head off










If you are looking at this and saying yeah so what they are magazines (and that is so not interesting) then let me spell it out for you….they are rival magazines with the exact same cover photo of the darling little prince.  EXACT SAME PHOTO.

Now I don’t know the exact number of photos that were taken of this blessed event but I’m going to hazard a guess and say oh around 43 714. The fact they both chose the same one for the cover, well that’s just a wee bit funny.  But wait, that’s not the interesting part.

The line at the supermarket was long so I stared at these mags for longer than I might have normally. And this got my brain ticking over. Here’s what happened:

Gee I wonder whose head at Woman’s Day is going to roll for chopping off the Princess’s head?

Hang on, they are the same picture but they aren’t the same picture. The colouring is completely different.

Oh and on the New Idea cover they have pinked up the princess’s lips and cheeks. OMG it’s doctored!

<picks up magazines> Wow they really are different colours. And holy mother of god, how much make up is she wearing???

Aha, aha. Are you with me now? Where to start?

First of all thanks very much New Idea for colouring in Kate’s face. Because she didn’t look nice enough in her natural colours. Pinking her cheeks and lips looks much nicer. What a dick move. Woman’s Day might have chopped off her head but at least they have resisted the urge to drastically edit her colouring.

Secondly, Kate is wearing a huge amount of make up. Huge. It’s a real cake layer. I’ve tried enhancing the pic here for you but the quality isn’t great.

That's no light layer of putty on that face

That’s no light layer of putty on that face

Trust me though, when you pick up that magazine and have a look there is no mistaking the cake layer on her face.

Now I’m not here to diss the princess, not at all (yes I know she’s a duchess, not a princess but I don’t get it AT ALL). That’s not the point of this post.

My point is this: your perception isn’t necessarily the reality.

When I saw Kate step out with the baby last week I thought she looked so natural and radiant. Sure I knew she’d had a blow wave and was wearing a bit of make up but I thought it was more like a light layer. The glow, I thought, was all her.  But it wasn’t. She was wearing a truckload of makeup and I can only assume that it was because she was looking a little worse for wear after labouring all day the day before and squeezing a little human out of her vag.

She also seems to have little bags under her eyes. Probably because she is tired. Like every other new mother I know.

Well Hallelujah! The princess is normal, just like me. And you. And every other woman out there too.

So if you are feeling bad looking at Kate because you don’t think you could pull that look off right after the birth of your little one then think again. If you had a make up artist and a truckload of makeup on your face then you too could look like this. But do you want to?

I actually felt a bit sorry for Kate as imagine having a newborn to look after and having to spend half an hour in the bathroom getting that muck off your face when what you really want to be doing is resting before you have to put another cracked nipple into your offspring’s mouth. It’s full on. So I say three cheers to her that she was as graceful and as engaged as she was at the little prince’s introduction.

Now if all that doesn’t make you feel better then this pic of me the day my son was born certainly should. This was about 9 hours after he arrived. I bet you looked better than that. And as an aside, doesn’t my mum look just fabulous in the pic?! She has that new grandparent glow.

Not even a blow wave would have helped my puffa fish impression!

Not even a blow wave would have helped my puffa fish impression!


38 thoughts on “Perception versus reality and how that relates to a princess and childbirth.

  1. Great eye! Those are subtle differences and I know people who wouldn’t have noticed even after you pointed it out. Thinking of a career change? ^^

    BTW, Monkey’s adorable:)

  2. That’s your mum? Thought she was your sister! By the way, you see that blanket wrapping your son? That must be standard issue because I got a shit load of pictures of my boys wrapped in that exact looking blanket!!! 🙂

  3. Wills definately chose the right girl for the job – to be graceful and elegant a day after giving birth is no easy task so I can forgive the spack filler. Plus she didn’t hide her post birth bump & I respect her for that. Weird how they ended up with the same photo though!

    • Lycra leggings were definitely the comfort wear of choice when I left hospital both times! I took one look at the dress and thought – she’s thrown that on for the photos because it is definitely NOT breast-feeding friendly! Good on her for doing the makeup thing for the first of their child’s ‘historic’ photos – all part of the dual jobs she has nowm becasue as well as being a new mother, when she said “I do” it was to the job offer as well as the man.

      • Very true 🙂 And yes I did think the dress wasn’t breastfeeding friendly either. Poor love. She probably couldn’t wait to get back home and into the yoga pants!

  4. I would love to see a ban on editing of photos. Enough of Madonna looking 30 something. show them to us as they are!!!

  5. I wonder how much of this is editing and how much is just bad printing. Everything I’ve seen online so far has been the “edited” picture here. It was outside in natural light so Woman’s Day cover looks to unnaturally dark to me. Just my perception. I use a lot of brightness filters on my pictures. I don’t really consider them editing (not compared to plumping up someone’s lips or removing their cellulite) and I am leaning towards that being the culprit. Not really sure though. Either way though, it doesn’t make me feel bad at all. I don’t have a team of stylists to make me look perfect all day, every day. My guess is that she put that much makeup on knowing it was going to be such a highly used photograph because the following day when she snuck out the back to go to her parents, she’s much more natural, hair in pony, casual clothes, less cake. I don’t envy her one bit though.

    • Yeah I did think about the lighting but when you look at the magazine there is a definite pinkness to her cheeks and lips. And when you compare it to the video footage it does look like it has been enhanced…well it did to me anyway! I honestly do not blame her at all – I would have done the same – and I didn’t feel bad myself but I had seen a lot of pieces about the yummy mummy pressure after this so wanted to make the point 🙂

    • hehe oh man it took me aaaaaaages to love that pic, I am not normally that puffy but 2 days of induction, an infection and surgery will do that to you. My mum, bless her, has it on her desk. And now i really do love the pic. And how my mum looks SO excited. It’s really special.

  6. You mentioned feeling a bit bad for her having to wash all of the makeup off and I agree but initially,I was feeling sorry for her having to put on all those nice clothes, put on the makeup and do her hair. Of course she must have had help, but still! I wanted big, baggy, soft pants, no bra and hair in a pony with zero makeup when I left the hospital…hell, I do everyday but don’t have the “I just had a baby” excuse anymore. Anyway, great post per usual 🙂

  7. Okay, i never noticed the makeup issue, but the shirt on the prince is wrinkled differently. More importantly, I don’t care about the royal family – didn’t we fight a war so that we didn’t have to care? I have issues… LOL.

  8. So interesting, good eye!! Watching Kate talk to the reporters outside the hospital I def thought she was going to cry, it made me well up just looking at her. Such an overwhelming experience, and now I know she also had to deal with a thick layer of war paint too!!! Aargh.

  9. I love your puffa fish pic. I admit I have a very similar one, I look like a chubby 12 year old, combo of glowing pregnancy skin and bloating! I do wish I had done a “proper” pic at some point in the first few days though, like combed my hair and put on a smudge of slap and a clean top. Something I could frame! But yes, I was too busy juggling all the other shit to give a toss! As it should be!,

  10. I totally didn’t notice that she was wearing makeup. What a great eye. I remember after having my daughter I looked no-where near that good. I was all bloated etc but I guess when you’re in the public eyes you try and look your best. 24hrs after having my daughter all I wanted was rest, I couldn’t have bothered with the way I looked. 🙂

  11. I can’t use the term “Duchess” either because in all the movies a duchess is an old, crotchety lady. Kate looks great, but now that you point it out I am also relieved to see that she shows the signs of being a mom, just like the rest of us. Welcome to the club, Kate!
    ~PS, your newborn boy is ADORABLE, and everyone looks awful after giving birth. Props to you for sharing.

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