We get by with a little help from our friends.

Some of the ways you can help a friend.

Some of the ways you can help a friend.

Let me tell you about my friend Sarah.

She is amazing. She is fun and funny and fan-freaking-tabulous company. Actually, scrap funny. What I mean is  hilarious.

She is also mega smart. Like super dooper rock your socks off clever. So clever in fact that she is currently completing her Master of Clinical Psychology.

Specifically she is having a bit of a squiz at whether or not awareness and response style can help us to understand the desire to drink or smoke. And I think that’s pretty awesome. As someone who drinks and who used to smoke I can only see positives in us understanding more about what drives these addictions.

In order for my wonderful friend to even attempt to  give us answers on this topic she needs a decent number of people (aka a decent sample size) to do her super easy survey. So please, will you do me, your WordPress/blogging friend, a favour and help me help my friend?  Here is more info from her on that:

Are you a social drinker? Or do you smoke? Come and take part in our study!

If you decide to participate, you will be asked to complete an anonymous online survey, which will take about 30 minutes. The survey will include questions about your alcohol or cigarette use, and your state of mind and response to craving. Your responses will be entirely confidential.

Your participation will be very useful and greatly appreciated.

More information on the survey can be found here. Participation is open to all nationalities.


PS Yes I’ve done the survey and yes it was super easy!


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