Photo Fables – the story behind the picture

Click me to read the photo fable.

Click me to read the photo fable.

I think this is one of the loveliest things a stranger has ever done for me. I recently followed the FortunateArtist blog as I thought this idea of Photo Fables sounded really cool. Then all of a sudden an email appeared in my inbox from the lovely Finn saying how she’d love to write a fable for me. I don’t know how she finds the time and keeps up with them all but I’m so glad she does as the result is AMAZING.  Please head over to Finn’s website and check out her work. Her About page is beautifully written and tells the story of how Photo Fables began.

So this is the photo I sent her. I told her no background at all (she prefers it that way). Interestingly the fable was more accurate to the truth than you could imagine. The photo was taken at Angkor Wat in Cambodia in 2008 where I spent most the year. I had been aching to get back to this country after a visit in 2004. I wanted to spend more time there and do something to help its most wonderful people. I have been back visiting a number of times since and to this day my heart aches for it just a little. It is my other “home” in the world and I think this fable perfectly captures that. Click on the pic to zoom over and read the gorgeous fable. PLEASE. Finn’s efforts deserve a viewing.


14 thoughts on “Photo Fables – the story behind the picture

    • Yeah she did a wonderful job. All from a picture! Yeah I must say I was lucky…but you got the man of your dreams. I want one of those! So we all get some great stuff in our lives and some things we miss out on too. x

  1. Thanks for directing me to that blog. I love mommy parenting blogs but its nice to creat a range. We are, after all, many sided with many different interests.

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