A little birdie told me…

If you click on me I will take you to the MFS Twitter page. "Tweet tweet"

“Tweet Tweet”

Which roughly translated means stop being a loser and open a Twitter account

It was a pretty spunky birdie so I agreed with a sigh and it went on its merry little way.

SO if you’d like me to entertain you more regularly than I do on this blog then start following me. Once you do, I will start to be entertaining. I promise.

This is me: @mummyflyingsolo


Or you can just click the follow me button at the top right of the page.

Or you can click on the spunky birdie and he will whizz you on over to my Twitter profile page.

There are options people, so many options to make this EASY. See how much I love you?

Right? Right. Glad we got that sorted.


15 thoughts on “A little birdie told me…

  1. Haha, good for you! (And you are already entertaining 😉 )
    I don’t do Twitter, but then again, I haven’t had a birdie visit me yet…

    • haha well you never know where this one flew off to 😉 I’m still getting to know Twitter and the whole hashtag phenomenon. I’ve resisted it for so long but I figured it might be less work than a facebook page and I wanted to link up to something with my blog. I’m doing my best but I’m pretty sure I come off like a total numbie!

  2. Haha! I only just opened a Twitter account a couple of weeks ago. Welcome to the club. It seemed less complicated than Facebook. I too am till trying to find my way around the lingo and the hashtags.

  3. i have no idea how twitter works. i joined when it first started and was totally clueless and couldn’t really see the point of it. if i ever reactivate my account i will def follow

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