Look what I got in the mail this week…

A postcard! Yay! I’m participating in a couple of postcard exchanges at the moment which basically just means that we exchange postcards for the fun of it!

This one is from the lovely Valerie  over at atlantamomofthree. LOVE her blog so if you’ve never been there before go and check it out.  It is an amazing resource for mum’s and mummies-to-be. She has everything covered! A big thank you going out to you today Valerie from all the way over here in a cold but sunny Australia!

Here’s the super cute postcard she sent me. Ah how I wish I’d been there myself.


If postcards are your thing and you like the idea of a little something in the mail that isn’t a bill then you can drop me a line at mummyflyingsolo@gmail.com and I’ll send you a pretty one that makes your day.

Have a great weekend lovelies!



21 thoughts on “Look what I got in the mail this week…

  1. I love love love this! In this age of technology and all the virtual inboxes….no one has time for snail mail anymore! I admit I’m one of those crazies that goes Amazon and Ebay hunting for things that cost less than $1 with Free shipping…just so I can get something in the mail…lol. I think maybe I’ll blog about this! 🙂 And Facebook about it. Oh heck – probably put out a tweet too.

    Mummy: I did email you! 🙂

    Michaela: I hopped over to your blog (and had to follow – great stuff!).

    If you guys will send me your info I’ll drop a postcard in the mail to you! 🙂 Or you can wait till I blog about it – how fun! 🙂

    • Good work popping over to Michaela’s blog – it is AMAZING! She knows about blogging that lady.

      I got your email. About to flick one back to you now. Fun mail is so much better than the boring white envelopes. I found I really enjoyed sending the cards too, knowing they were going off to be a nice surprise for someone. It felt good!

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