Today’s Handy Hint

I have no idea if I’ll do more of these handy hint’s or not. It seems like it might be a cool idea but I’m full of cool ideas that never get going so we’ll see. All I know is that today, I was super stoked when I needed a small amount of tomato paste to make my homemade pizza for lunch and I was able to toddle off to the freezer and get some. The freezer? Huh? Yeah the freezer. Somewhere, on some day in my life which right now I am unable to pinpoint, I read to freeze left over tomato paste in portions. Makes sense hey! I throw so much of that stuff out. So I did it and it’s been magical. And I wanted to share that magic with you!

You can, of course, use ice cube trays but I used the baby food freezing trays that I had from when Monkey was younger. The portions are slightly larger than a standard ice cube tray and, incidentally, the perfect size to cover a small piece of lebanese bread. Damn I’m so Martha Stewart right now. Here’s a pic so you can see what I mean. Only 1 left now!

tomato paste

Tada! Tomato paste magic!


7 thoughts on “Today’s Handy Hint

  1. Very cool! We did this with buttermilk. šŸ™‚ We are HUGE red sauce eaters so that stuff never sticks around long enough to go bad.

  2. Yes, that is a handy hint. And I am going to add sweetened condensed milk to the list of things that can be frozen. So many recipes call for less than the contents of the tin, so, freeze the leftovers. Martha Stewart right back at ya! šŸ™‚

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