iBlog Friday with iVillage

Go check out the great blogs at iVillage!

Go check out the great blogs at iVillage!

So this week I submitted a blog to iVillage for their iBlog Friday.  iVillage is a sister site to Mamamia and aims to bring like-minded women together to exchange views, advice, information and support on parenting, beauty, health, diet, fitness, food, relationships, and pregnancy.  And they do a fabulous job of doing just that! I particularly love the parenting posts on this site as they make me feel normal for all my stuff ups.

Anyway iBlog Friday is a platform for supporting Aussie bloggers.  It gives us an opportunity to increase our readership by tapping into theirs AND introduces everyone to a pretty awesome bunch of blogs (ahem, if I do say so myself). So this week my blog is up there in lights with 10 other great Aussie bloggers so go check them out. And if you are an Aussie blogger looking to expand your readership then why not submit your blog too? Entries need to be in by 12 noon every Thursday. Email details are on the iBlog Friday page which I’ve linked to twice in the text of this blog OR you can click on the image above and it will zoom you on over there.

Wait! Before you go!

It is also a competition. The winner will get their full blog published on the iVillage website on Monday which would be, well, it would be awesome, cool, fantastic, fabulous and oh so great. Oh and they also send you a CD but hey I’d just be stoked to be published! So pretty please cross you fingers for me this weekend. I’d love to win this SO MUCH.

Have a great weekend everyone and go check out those blogs! Woohoo!



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