Dear Santa, I’d like a tape recorder for my brain please.

keep calm writingWhy is it that I can write whole posts in my head that are PERFECT but then I sit down to put them on paper (well type them on the screen but that doesn’t sound so good) and it is a scramble of convoluted rubbish? I want a tape recorder for my brain. Everything comes out so perfect in there. I have about 6 draft posts waiting to go at the moment and I can’t get the words out right for even one of them so I thought I might just sit down and write about how hard it is to write sometimes.  Let you have a bit of my convoluted rubbish this smashing Sunday. It’s a numbers game right. Like dating. Just have to keep getting those fellas through the turnstyle and eventually you’ll get the right one (provided you aren’t too busy slapping then on the arse as they swish on through – it’s important to pause or you might miss the right one). Anyway my point is that it is the same for writing. Sometimes you just have to write and write and write and get all the dead rubbishy words out of your system so the things that you actually want to say can march on through again.  As Margaret Atwood said “If I waited for perfection,  I would never write a word”.

Aside from writing lots of crap I also try to spend a lot of time reading the blogs that I enjoy. See if they can’t pep up my little inner voice so that it can be heard on the outer again. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but that’ s just life really isn’t it?

What about you? What are your techniques for getting your writing mojo back out when it’s hiding in its man cave?   Tell me your secrets so I can steal them!





PS Both the pics on this post link the sites I stole them from…both sites have some great tips on combating writer’s block should you be in the market for it!


9 thoughts on “Dear Santa, I’d like a tape recorder for my brain please.

  1. I was just talking with a friend about this today! I think the key for me is to slow down. My creative juices flow much better when I am relaxed! My friend Melissa at was telling me that it helps her to have accountability partners to meet with weekly.

  2. For what it’s worth, start by treating it as a hobby and definitely refrain from calling it writing. That little word puts so much pressure on one’s ass. Secondly, don’t treat it so seriously. Thirdly, just remember, it’s better to have your ass slapped as it goes through, then to never have it slapped at all! 🙂

  3. Yep. Definitely have the same problem. I use my phone to jot down notes as best I can, otherwise I just keep piling up the drafts until something feels right.

    • The thing I’m noticing is that if I write the draft at the moment I feel inspired then it’s all good but if I just start it as an idea and don’t get back to it soon enough then it loses momentum and is less likely to become a post.

  4. I think my writing really varies with my emotional state. Sometimes when I’m relaxed and happy I just end up with nothing to say. More emotion = better words.
    My favourite state of mind is when I’m feeling a little vulnerable and in awe of the world – then I feel like I can get in touch with who I really am and it just flows onto the page… If only every day was like that!
    Music really helps – an emotive song that takes me back in time often gets the words flowing 🙂

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