Dairy free vege muffins

You know I love a dairy free snack for Monkey. Found this recipe today and whipped it up in no time. Some tips from this end:

  • Next time I would add ham for some extra protein and flavour. If I was going to skip the ham then I’d add mixed herbs and maybe seeds…something with more protein. I thought the end result was a little bland. Monkey however thought no such thing and scoffed them down.
  • I used SR wholemeal flour and skipped the baking powder
  • I used oat milk for our non dairy milk
  • I only had frozen corn and peas so I grated carrot and cut up some beans nice and small. Grated zucchini would also be awesome (we didn’t have any to try)
  • The mixture will seem very very dense. I was tempted to add more milk but held back and was glad I did. It didn’t need the extra liquid.   

I loved that I could just shove a bunch of these in a ziplock bag in the freezer and they will be there for lazy days. So. Easy. I felt like super mum getting these all done this morning before we went out to play. Monkey did his own cooking alongside me too which was super cute.

Here is a pic of the end result…didn’t do them justice if you ask me. If you click on it the pic you will be zoomed over to the original recipe.  Have fun in the kitchen!

Fresh out of the oven and ready to eat!

Fresh out of the oven and ready to eat!


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