Two easy toddler activities. No crafting degree required!

I am no creative crafting genius.  I suck at that stuff. I know I’m going to have to learn to be better as monkey gets older but anyway, for the moment I still suck at it. It turns out it doesn’t matter so much. I think I was over-complicating things.  Little kiddies have still growing minds remember so they can be occupied by the smallest of things (no disrespect to your genius child of course). I finally got the message one day when I picked my son up from daycare and they had pictures of them all playing with different pasta shapes. They had this write up about how it was a great sensory exercise and that the kids enjoyed it for ages blah blah blah and it just kinda clicked in my head all of a sudden: I can do that sort of stuff too. And all the tools I need are in my cupboard and don’t require some complicated activity preparation. Woah. That’s a wee bit awesome.

Anyway we have two clear favourites around here so far so I’ve blogged about them for my You and Baby friends. If you click the pic below it will zoom you on over there. That’s my little monkey in the pics by the way. He’s a cutie huh and doing a very good job at looking engrossed in his activities for mummy.   Head on over to check him out!

toddler activities

PS…got this pic from google images. It comes from the wonderful Toddler Approved blog so wanted to acknowledge that and link back to it for you. Don’t want to be stealing the love I’m supposed to be sharing.


4 thoughts on “Two easy toddler activities. No crafting degree required!

  1. I love the sifting and the chalk! I am always planning to do these kinds of things…tomorrow. I just never seem able to stomach the mess today! But now that it’s summer I should probably just make embrace the messiness for good, because it isn’t going anywhere for awhile.

    • I have to admit that I do have to be in the right frame of mind for the flour one but the mess isn’t as bad as you might think. It tends to stay contained in the area of the activity…usually my kitchen! I just give monkey a good little brush down before he runs off into the rest of the house. The chalk one doesn’t have any mess at all as it’s outside and I wait for rain to come to wash the drawings away! lol Lazy with a capital L 😉

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