When things don’t go to plan

caught in the rainIf you had told me it would have completely pissed down with rain this morning while I was out on my walk then I probably wouldn’t have gone. I especially wouldn’t have been keen if you had told me that Master S would have a massive tanty about having the rain cover over the pram and kick and scream to get it off and get completely saturated. A soaking wet 21 month old who already has a bit of a cough simply was not in my plan. But plan or not this was exactly our morning.  Me and my kid soaking wet in the rain (with friends – they were wet too but had more compliant children who stayed dry).

But guess what else wasn’t in my plan?  I didn’t plan for us to have an impromptu middle of the morning bath together which we wouldn’t have done if we weren’t wet and cold from being stuck in the rain.  warm bathsI can’t remember the last time I took the time to just chill out in a warm bath with my kid in the middle of they day. He had the time of his life (provided my legs didn’t touch him – hilarious) pouring water in and out of cups while I just sat back and relaxed under the bubbles. We chatted in our little two word sentences and just hung out.

It was a nice reminder that yeah sometimes life sucks and you get caught in the rain but that doesn’t mean a warm bath isn’t just around the corner.

warm bath 2


8 thoughts on “When things don’t go to plan

  1. Just woke up this morning to cold and rain as well, after 2 and a half weeks of 20 degree weather! I would kill for that hot bath now! 🙂

  2. OK U and I are kindred souls a million miles and worlds apart! Thank you! Read my Blue Bathtime post lol for more bathtime uses lol! Also, its soo nice to know im not swimming alone as a single mom outgere in a married world! LOL i look forward to reading more of your posts. Jeanine 😉

    • I just checked out that post. Awesome idea!! I’m totally trying that. Yeah the single mum thing is weird. Even though I know there are lots of them out there they seem to all be in hiding somewhere! Sometimes it really does seem like a married world, especially when kids are young. I’m really enjoying your blog an amlooking forward to what else comes up along the way. Have a great day!

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