The practicalities of not having a daddy around

So it has been ages since I’ve posted on this site. I ended up being swept off my feet by a big love from my past and all spare time and inspiration for this site seemed to fly right out the window. I ended that relationship after only a short time though and while that is unfortunate it has given me a lot of fodder for this blog!  Navigating the dating world as a single parent is a bit of a minefield.  There’s a lot to consider like whether or not they should meet children and what your ex thinks about that etc. I won’t go into all that now as there is another post right there but needless to say I’m back at the writing again.  For today I’ve got something a bit more fun to write about.  The COZY COUPE!

Recently my little boy’s dad bought him one of those big red cars…aka the Cozy Coupe…and oh my god what an experience it is putting one of those together.  For those that don’t know what I’m talking about here is a pic of the one that I painstakingly prepared earlier…

Now these suckers come in a massive box which lulls you into thinking that you are going to pull out a nice prepared car. You couldn’t be more wrong. These things are flat packed and come with bags of little iddy bits and pieces. Good lord there are so many. My heart sunk to the floor when I unpacked it all. There goes my hour of R&R before picking the little munchkin up from daycare…

So I open the instructions to see the word Recommended: and next to it a picture of a drill. Hmmmm At that point there was a substantial sigh. Followed by some muttering under the breath and probably a swear word or two.  I don’t have a drill…and even if I borrowed one from a friend I wouldn’t know how to use it without possibly drilling a hole in my hand so it was just me and my trusty pink tools. Yes I have pink tools. Check ’em out!

So as I was working (and sighing) away I started to think about the things you get stuck doing when you don’t have that other parent around. Obviously the situation is different for dad’s that are the primary carer (in that the things they get stuck doing are different) but for me there are some things that I’d rather the guy just do…like putting up tents when you go camping, mowing the lawn, washing the car, taking out the rubbish and PUTTING SHIT TOGETHER like this flipping crazy cozy car!  I must say things aren’t SO bad: my ex still puts the bins out when he drops my son off on a Sunday afternoon  and I’m actually pretty good at putting shit together. It seems tedious but I’m probably faster at it than my ex and I do get a sense of reward at the end.

Regardless of the sense of reward it did suck the life out of my afternoon that day. I had been doing chores all day and was about to sit down to watch a show for 45mins when the parcel arrived and I just didn’t have the heart not to do it and have it ready for my son when he got home from daycare.  It took me 1 hour and 40 mins and a screw all the way through the other side of the plastic  creating a nice hole (which I attempted to hide with a smiley sticker!) but hey I did it.  And you know what? It was worth it. It’s worth stepping up and doing that extra crap that you might not really like to have a happy home for your child to grow up in.  I’d rather spend my afternoon screwing through plastic and taking the rubbish out than fighting with my partner in front of my kid.  And on that note…I’m off to wash the car! (and yes, I did just sigh).

Oh and if anyone is curious…my little boy LOVED that car. Check out the smile on this face. Best. Reward. Ever.


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