This is what all the fuss is about…

Have you ever wondered what the big deal is about gay marriage? Why it is so desperately important to some people?  I have always been agreeable to gay marriage but more from the “well if that’s what will make them happy”corner.  I haven’t wondered what the fuss is about, I can see how it would be important to some people, but it really didn’t bother me either way. Ask me to vote for it and I’ll say yes but I’m not about to go on a protest march.  Clearly my life hasn’t been severely impacted by the decision NOT to legalise it.

Well the good folks at Mamamia have once again done a stellar job of bring a serious issue to everyone’s attention and now I am enraged. I have moved from an agreeable bystander to one that would happily go on a protest march. And now I’m bringing it to your attention and hopefully you will bring it to someone else’s attention.  You can look at the Mamamia entry here or just watch the video I insert below. I can ensure you that it is worth the 10 mins of your time.

This man is so brave and courageous to share this story. This is why same sex marriage is important. Even those of you who don’t agree with it for ideological reasons should be able to separate that from this discussion and deal with the facts presented here and agree, this guy had rights. All people in same sex relationships have rights. Who are we to strip these people of the respect and dignity afforded the rest of society in this sort of situation?  Anyway watch below and if you like, tell me about what you feel.


*I should make a note that the situation is slightly different in Australia to the one presented here which occurred in the States.  Same sex relationships are recognised in Australia the same way as any defacto relationship is so this man would have been entitled to see his boyfriend in hospital, get further information about the death etc. However in my mind that is all the more reason that same sex marriage should be legalised. With the current situation you could be a single parent that is entitled to whatever benefits. Then you could start a same sex relationship and move in with the person and the income of the other person in the relationship will now be included against your annual income and your single parents benefits would likely be cancelled.  This is a very simplistic view of course and I hate to use benefits as the example but it is just the easiest way to explain what I mean. There are many examples like this that could be presented. Basically, if it is financially beneficial for the government then they will recognise the relationship. In my mind if they are prepared to recognise the relationship then they should legalise the marriage which is simply a formal union between those two people.

All this talk about same sex marriage reminded me of this brilliant clip that I saw a while ago. Zach Wahls is an exceptionally articulate young man who was raised by two mums. In this clip he speaks on gay marriage and who better to do so than the child of gay parents? It is fantastic. You should totally take the time to watch it.


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