Inspiration Strikes

Well I don’t know about you but I need to be pretty inspired to sit down and write something.  If life is just chugging along at an even pace without many highs or lows I find it hard to hook my brain onto something. I need DRAMA which doesn’t actually sound that healthy but anyway…  Every now and then though I get in the zone and I decide to have a crack at it. Today was clearly one of those days. I got SO serious I started this blog AND even registered my own domain name. I thought the $26 it cost me ($18 to register and another $8 to make it private in case anyone was wondering) might help me to commit to the cause. You see I’ve started blogs before and after a few posts it always peters off into absolutely nothing. Well it hardly peters off. It pretty much just stops. The thing that inspired me today was that I stumbled over some dude’s blog about his life and I kid you not it was BORING. He had no flair for writing AT ALL.  I guess his family and friends might be interested in the content to keep up with what is going on in his life but geez dude, I don’t know. That’s what facebook is for and then you don’t have to write much! He might even be interesting in one sentence and a few photos.

Anyway while I was sitting there being all critical I thought to myself well at least he is actually posting something on a semi regular basis even if it is horse turd. It’s more than I’ve ever managed to do. So I decided to put my money where my mouth is and give it a red hot go.  The goal is to post at least once a week.

As the name of my blog suggests I am a mummy and I’m doing it alone and pretty much have been from the get go. My little boy is only 8 months old so I’m still learning a lot of mummy stuff so I will probably post a lot about that as well as my experiences being a single mum. I’ll also throw in a few things that aren’t mummy related just to prove that I’m not completely one dimensional!

By the way, anyone seen that beautiful full moon tonight? It is massive and so bright. They call it a “supermoon”. I think that’s super cool. Apparently it’s the closest it has been to earth in 18 years. Amazing. They say strange things happen when it’s a full moon. Maybe that’s what inspired me?


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